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The environmental impact plays an important role when working with refrigerated trucking agencies. Here's everything you need to know.

Some pointers to hire a promising refrigerated trucking agency

With multiple options of agencies promising to transfer refrigerated goods from one area to the other safely, it may be overwhelming for you to validate each broker or carrier. You have to consider a few common characteristics of the airline while evaluating these companies. These include the cost, driver safety, number of on-time delivery, reviews of trucking agencies, and other aspects.

Refrigerated or perishable goods include pharmaceuticals, food items, flowers; each requires on-time delivery. Every company has its distinct set of guidelines and limitations that you must understand before employing them. Comprehend the precise treatment they offer, packaging requirements, special trailers, equipment availability, and much more. If you desire to ensure a successful shipment, you must take these aspects seriously.

What temperature control do they offer? 

While transferring temperature-controlled commodities, the quality of the equipment used matters. When working with reefer trailers, it is critical to ensure that they provide you with 100% accurate temperature control. 

If they do not maintain proper temperature, it will result in wasted products. Some goods require a specific temperature, and therefore the refrigerated trailer has to maintain a constant temperature throughout the journey.

What are the packaging requirements? 

There are a few refrigerated goods that come with special requirements. Hence, the reefer truck must fulfill these conditions without hassles. For example, while transporting meat and flowers, they require special grade trailers for meeting FDA requirements. Special arrangements inside the vehicle are necessary not to spoil the product. 

On the other hand, flowers require delicate care that needs a complex internal system inside the trailer to ensure that they reach their destination safely.

Supply chain visibility

These days’ people use online applications for purchasing products. It helps them with real-time tracking facilities. The same is the case with refrigerated services. If the agency provides you with trucking capabilities, you get information on their location and progress. Ask the carrier for visibility in the supply chain. 

If you can view the area and status of the shipment, it becomes easy to operate. Ask them what processes you have to go through for tracking the item? Do you have access to their shipment history? Whether the agency will help you with analytics of past shipments? These are significant considerations.

Flexibility in equipment availability

Whether for seasonal surges or day-to-day product shipping, every customer requires their commodities on time. Ask the person about tender response rate, response time, how they are handling last-minute requests, and the flexibility of their services. When working with logistics providers, you have to be up to date with their services and processes.

Sustainability has become an important criterion when making purchase decisions. Around 91% of agencies take sustainability as a vital aspect. If you go for reputable agencies, they have a proactive approach. The American Freight Inc offering refrigerated trucking services is an example of this. The environmental impact plays an important role when working with refrigerated trucking agencies. 

If the agency has terms and conditions for ensuring sustainable transportation, it will be a profitable deal.

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