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Features You Should Look for in Your Next Car

Cars are being fitted with more and more technology nowadays, which is handy as it makes your life easier and makes them much more fun to drive. Next time you’re shopping for a new car, look for some of these features and you can enjoy greater comfort when you drive, as well as lots of gadgets you’ll use again and again.

Off-road capabilities

You might not think you’ll use off-road settings much, especially if you don’t spend much time in the countryside. But a lot of people find it useful to buy a car with off-road capabilities. It’s worth looking at the Landrover Defender at Nene Overland and other off-road cars, as not only do they handle well in muddy conditions or on country roads, but they are also useful in areas where you have a lot of snow or extreme weather.

A low insurance group

Cars with all the bells and whistles are always going to be tempting, but nothing is worse than buying a car, then realizing your insurance has suddenly shot through the roof! It means you’re then paying a big chunk of money for insurance every month, and that’s before you’ve paid off things like your car finance. It’s important to ask questions about car insurance when you buy a vehicle. Most comparison sites will let you get a quote before you buy the car, so you can budget for the expense. 

Third row seating

It’s not just people with big families who consider buying seven-seater or bigger cars. If you often have to take the kids and their friends from A to B, give people lifts, or even have a business where you need to drive clients around, those extra seats can come in handy.

The main downside of seven seaters used to be that they had tiny boots, but a lot of newer models now feature sixth and seventh seats that can be neatly folded away when not in use. This means, when you need the big boots, you simply put them away, and when you have extra passengers, they pop out again. 

Phone connectivity

Let’s face it, we all use our phones a lot nowadays and for all sorts of reasons. Smartphones have become part of everyday life, but obviously, you can’t use them behind the wheel as this is extremely dangerous. A car with phone connectivity will let you stay in touch and use certain phone functions behind the wheel, without getting distracted or needing to take your hands off the wheel.

Some functions available in certain cars with connectivity include:

  • Making and receiving phone calls
  • Sending and receiving text messages through voice dictation
  • Listen to music through streaming services and digital radio
  • Get GPS directions easily

If you like using your phone for things like music and directions, then having a car with Bluetooth or other types of connectivity can make life much easier, as a lot is done with your voice. It’s worth remembering that there are severe penalties for using your phone in the car, from points on your licence to a ban or big fine, so it’s worth investing in a car that can connect to your smartphone. 


Do you hate trying to squeeze into a small spot? Some of the most high-tech car models now include self-parking modes.  No more stresses or neck strains as you try to parallel park. You simply let the car do the hard work, using a range of sensors and cameras to get your car into the perfect position. 

Sadly, because this technology is new, it is mostly the priciest cars that have it. However, if you hate parking, you can find less expensive models that have parking cameras or parking sensors which can help you become so much better at parking and avoid dents and scratches. These are often easy to repair and then when you’re using snow foam, they produce a beautiful finish after being washed.

Remote start

Hate having to sit in a cold car, waiting for it to warm up? With remote start, you can switch on your car while you sit and enjoy your coffee, so by the time you get behind the wheel, it’s defrosted and ready to go.

Car manufacturers are always coming up with new ways to improve their cars, or if you interested with used car, you need to concern something and here are additional help about what to pay attention when buy used car. And some of these new features can make your life so much easier. 

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