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What makes scooters and mopeds different from other kinds of transportation is they are very fun to ride. How can you purchase one in the UK?

How To Purchase A New Moped In UK – Everything You Need To Know

What makes scooters and mopeds different from other kinds of transportation is they are very fun to ride, more affordable, and very easy to maintain. According to a UK-based research report, a moped uses up to 81% less fuel than a car for the same journey. 

There’s a huge variety of scooters available in the market ranging from different styles, features, colors, and budgets. Another good thing is buying a moped has become so easy today. Like you don’t even need to visit the brick-and-mortar shops. Instead, you can just search for a moped for sale near me and purchase it online. However, research is important whether you’re buying a moped online or from a retail shop. But don’t worry about it. The following guide will tell you all the important things that you need to know. 

How old do you need to be to drive a Scooter?

According to the driving rules in the UK, you can start riding a moped right after your 16th birthday. However, you need to have a provision UK license for that. Provisional UK license can be obtained from the DVLA website for 15 years and 9 months older persons. With this license, you can ride a 50cc scooter only. In order to start riding a 125cc scooter, you need to have a full UK driving license and a minimum of 17 years of age. 

Top 6 Tips for Purchasing a New Moped 


#1: Start with selecting a brand:

The first and most important step for purchasing a moped is selecting the right brand. There are different types of moped for every taste, ranging from modern Japanese moped to classic Italian style moped. We suggest selecting popular brands like Yamaha, Piaggio, Suzuki, and Honda. They are more reliable and easy to maintain in terms of after-sales services and part’s availability. These brands also have a good resell market. 

#2: Decide the size and price:

Before you buy a moped or scooter, it’s vital to determine whether it meets your requirements or not. Moped and scooters come in various engines and speed limits. If you want transportation for short urban communities and a top speed of a maximum of 30-35mph, then you should go with a 50cc moped. These types of a small moped can cost up to £1000. However, if you need a slightly more powerful engine, you can pick a mid-size 125-150cc scooter that would provide you up to 60-70mph speed. These scooters can easily carry a passenger as well. The price range of 125-150cc scooters is about £2500 to £4500. Or if you’re looking for a good balance of power, comfort, and fuel efficiency, then you pick a large 250cc scooter that would cost at least £4000. 

So, make sure not to rush and take some time to consider the right type that works best for you.

#3: Finding and Ordering a Scooter:

Try searching the terms like “moped for sale near me” or “scooter dealer near me” that will provide you with the best websites to buy moped online. Visit different sites, check the customers’ reviews, and compare prices. Choose your selected brand and complete the purchase. Also, you can directly order from the popular manufacturer’s sites. 

#4: Apply for financing or short term loan if you need it

Many scooter dealers in the UK offer financing options through which you can lease the moped. Or another good option is applying for a short term loan to buy a new moped so it won’t disturb your monthly budget, and you can easily repay it through small installments. 

#5: Don’t forget the Insurance:

Once you’ve purchased the moped, you should get it insured. You can search different insurance companies online and buy the most affordable moped insurance plan. 

#6: Other Legalities:

Besides Insurance, there are some other legalities that you need to follow, like tax and MOT. You will need to buy £20. For MOT, if your moped and scooter are three years old, you need to get it tested every year. 

Closing Thoughts: 

Don’t be in a rush whether you’re buying a moped online or from a dealer. Take it slow and research the whole bunch of different mopes, their features, and prices before making a final decision. Once purchased, don’t forget to buy a helmet and protective gear to take it on the road. 

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