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Are you looking for the finest luxury cars to hire in Australia? Learn all about Prestige Hire Australia and their high class fleet!

Harleys To Rolls Royce : How Prestige Hire Australia Reigns In Luxury Car Hire

The international luxury car rental market is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years due to the increase in demography and hike in our population’s standard of living. The estimated efflux will benefit by answering the worldwide call for comfort, luxury and the need to match up to high standards when traveling. 

The luxury service allows customers to subscribe to a personally tailored luxury experience. With the added benefit of a chauffeur, customers are able to switch to cruise control knowing that their journey is taken care of. These services also allow aspirational admirers of luxury vehicles the opportunity to experience the aristocracy that comes with being driven in luxury.

With the research pointing to the long term lucrativity of the service, it is only a matter of time before the industry experiences an influx of newcomers to the sector. This means that customers are going to have to do their research to ensure that they are able to find a reliable and trusted service provider that will cater to their unique requirements.

Prestige hire Australia has been a leader in the industry for over a decade. The company provides customers with a prestigious array of an immaculately kept fleet of Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari and other limousines. The family run business takes the utmost pride in their service delivery by ensuring that every client receives a regal experience. The company is sought after by celebrities such Chuck and Gena Norris, John Travolta, Jhene Aiko and soon to be wed couples alike.

The exotic vehicle hire company allows customers the flexibility of choosing between short and long term bookings for an extensive array of  tours, transfers, social events and celebrations. 

Fleet favorites

One of the main advantages that comes with utilising the services of a well established and sought after luxury vehicle hire service is that they have a well stocked garage of luxury vehicles. Whilst this might make the task of picking a vehicle a little more difficult, being spoilt for choice means that clients get exactly what they need. 

Should you wish to experience Australia in a sleek Rolls RoycePhantom, turn heads with a Lamborghini Aventador, feel the air of the outback and drop the top down in a Rolls Royce or make a statement in a Ferrari 488, Prestige Hire will get behind the wheel.

Be it a vehicle for a single traveler or a larger party, Prestige Hire can recommend the ideal model. The Jeep SRT, Hummer Limousine,Chrysler 300 Stretch are perfect for larger groups, offering a spacious interior without compromising on the luxury of the vehicle.

Alternative modes of travel

Should you wish to travel off land, Prestige hire Australia caters for both air and sea voyages. The Sydney based vehicle hire service keeps a Gulfstream G350, Falcon 900 and Learjet Model 31 under its wing. Making it easier for clients to jet off Around Australia or the rest of the world.

Should a person wish to set sail, the Prestige SuperYacht experience will guarantee a memorable experience. With 3 yachts to choose from, clients are able to find the ideal candidate to host any special event. Upping the ante by providing the ideal venue for a luxury soiree.

Covid-19 safety plan

Prestige hire Australia dominates the car hire industry, not only in Australia but globally as well. The company has stringent Covid-19 prevention protocols in place that ensures the safety of their clients and chauffeurs. They implement social distancing, record keeping and the strictest level of staff and vehicle hygiene and sanitation. Prestige Hire adheres to all Government required safety and compliance measures and constantly stays updated on active industry related Covid-19 updates. Prestige hire Australia delivers both luxury and safety, resulting in a smooth ride all round. 

The luxury vehicle hire industry has grown extensively over the years with the likes of Avis offering both budget and premium vehicle hire. Prestige hire Australia specialises specifically on an extensive fleet of exotic vehicles that transport clients to an oasis of luxury and is better suited for clients who want a personalised white glove experience. The industry leaders are placing importance on safety, security and satisfaction of clients. 

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