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Leasing a Japanese Car – The Best Deals and Specials

The rapid development of the Japanese automotive industry in the second half of the 20th century led to the fact that the world saw many original brands, supplying quality and affordable products to the world market. It is the Japanese automotive companies that are the leading in sales lists not only in Asia, but also in the US, not to mention other parts of the world. The attractiveness of the cars developed here made them very popular for both buying and leasing.

Indeed, if you analyze the situation in the market, for example, Nissan lease offers are more in demand than, for example, Volkswagen deals. Why is this happening? Maybe it’s all about the benefits! Now we’re going to tell you about the benefits of cars from Japan and the most popular specials for the best leasing in the USA and in New York in particular.

Makes and Models from Japan – the Key Benefits

Cars made in the Land of Rising Sun have been shipped to the United States for decades. Years of interaction between American dealers and Japanese manufacturers allowed local motorists to appreciate the undeniable advantages of the specials:

  • Excellent build quality. The reliability of Japanese cars is undeniable. Moreover, thanks to the high quality of the assembly and used materials, parts and components, the Japanese vehicles have become popular and can perform on par with the American car industry, even surpassing it to some extent.
  • Optimum value for money and reliability. The adequate cost of cars from Japan is another strength. Almost every manufacturer offers a lineup of models, which presents a large selection of budget cars more than affordable. At the same time, even luxury models can be purchased or leased at a reasonable and competitive price.
  • Original design. One of the important and noticeable differences between cars from the Land of the Rising Sun is the design of the body and interior of such cars. It corresponds to current world trends due to vehicle ergonomics and aerodynamic requirements, but still remains in its original framework, not typical of western manufacturers. Besides, many large brands have their own traits that also distinguish them from competitors.
  • Wide model range. A distinctive feature of the Japanese car industry is the desire to create cars of different classes with different performance characteristics and advantages. Therefore, even within a single model, the range of offers can include many cars with the following features in terms of both engine volume and power and the equipment and technologies.
  • Safety. Cars from Japan are considered to be among the safest in the world. Most manufacturers pay maximum attention to this factor, developing and testing their own solutions for strengthening the body, the arrangement of airbags, belt position optimization, as well as many other things. As a result, vehicles get high marks during tests and have a minimum number of fatalities in accidents.

The Most Popular Cars of Japanese Brands 2023-2024

We can argue endlessly about the advantages of Japanese cars, but it is better to take a closer look at the subject. We present you the rating of the most promising Japanese specials according to American experts.

1. Toyota CX90 PHEV

Gorgeous on the outside and luxurious on the inside, this crossover SUV is perfect for exploring the Japanese car industry. The capacity of up to 8 people, materials which are very expensive in both look and feeling, and the impressive list of options in the standard trim level strike the imagination. However, the 323-horsepower engine and the ability to drive 25 miles on a single piece of electricity is the true crown that has already inspired many New Yorkers to think about leasing a Mazda.

2. Toyota Camry

This Japanese automaker has long held its position as the flagship for supplying cars for every taste and purse, but every new Camry still remains a blow to the heart. The 2023 car boasts a polished exterior with a predominance of elegant shapes and straight flying lines, as well as 208 horsepower and new infotainment system with a revised touch screen.

3. Honda Accord

This medium-sized Japanese car is changing according to design trends – but does not change itself! Accord 2023 is eye-catching thanks to its sophisticated exterior, and the spacious cabin along with a variety of comfortable and entertaining options inspire an exciting ride, whether alone, in a couple, or as a family. The acceleration and handling of Honda are worthy of a separate article, as here they are at the height.

4. Acura Integra

This luxurious liftback is here with us again in the coming 2024! The manufacturer has prepared a list of surprises for us which includes a powerful 200-horsepower engine with an easy-to-operate transmission, spacious front seats and a new infotainment system. The cargo room is ample as well, but, according to fans, even this does not matter: even the sight of this handsome man with smooth lines of the body and the cheeky squint of the headlights may take your breath away!

5. Mazda CX-5

This wonderful compact crossover SUV from the Japanese automaker deserved many writings and publications, and every time somebody wants to write a little more, as its advantages seem inexhaustible. Recognizable trendy appearance, magnificent powertrain options, excellent technical equipment, and high-class performance bring it close to the luxury segment, although prices and leasing offers for it are still affordable.

6. Honda Civic

This amazing hatchback kept the palm in the ranking of the most popular Japanese cars in the US and now it is back. Fans will be able to appreciate the more rounded body lines, trendy optics, and a spacious cabin, which has enough space on both rows. The fuel economy and agile handling is not worth talking about: it is thanks to them that the Civic has become a true legend.

7. Honda Odyssey

We talk a lot about sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs when it comes to Japanese cars, but it would not be fair to forget about minivans, as manufacturers jump above their heads, meeting the highest standards of comfort and reliability. Odyssey, which is also known as a fantastic family hauler. Its power and smooth ride are like a call for new adventures, and handy and helpful options like sliding second-row seats, cabin microphone system, and many other things that can make any trip absolutely comfortable and full of positive emotions.

8. Nissan Rogue

Our Japanese car rating would be incomplete if we don’t mention this compact crossover SUV. Its fervent exterior, balanced driveability, excellent fuel economy, and many other strengths allowed it to top the 2023 rankings. The price, including leasing, has become another important advantage of Rogue; you can take it for lease just for $400 per month!

Where to Lease a Japanese Car – Some Things to Consider

There are plenty of leasing offers for Japanese cars in the US, but this does not mean that the spontaneous approach will work here. Indeed, dozens of leasing companies offer their services in New York, for example and not all of them can be called trustworthy dealers. However, most of them are reliable companies with extensive experience and expertise, and Grand Prix Motors, an auto brokerage firm from Brooklyn, is in the club. Among its benefits are the following:

  • Excellent car selection. Almost all models of world-famous and popular Japanese brands are presented here, and the catalog is constantly replenished with fresh model year cars, including new generations and restyling versions.
  • Low prices and monthly payments. In this case, affordability is due to a strong business relationship with dealers and car manufacturers, who regularly supply new models and at the same time offer many incentives, thanks to which leasing a Japanese car becomes an even more profitable matter.
  • Flexible terms and conditions. Grand Prix Motors is ready to meet even those who have bad credit scores or do not have enough funds for the down payment. Yes, the conditions will be somewhat different, but you will be driving the car you always wanted – and this one will not require any overwhelming sacrifices from you.
  • Interesting related programs. Here, you can trade in your old car to get a better leasing offer or take advantage of its buy-back programs just in case you like the car too much to drop it. Enjoy Japanese quality and get something amazing with it!
  • The possibility to lease a car online. Yes, that’s true! You choose a car, place your quote, and negotiate on your deal over the Internet, and the vehicle is delivered to any location across Brooklyn for your full convenience!

If you are interested in cars from Japanese automakers, the pros and cons of most models say that these are really quality and reliable vehicles with a minimum of critical drawbacks that do not complicate your ride. The desire for a new driving experience behind the wheel of such a car is quite natural – and thanks to leasing your dreams will certainly come true!

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