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There are plenty of reasons why the Japanese provide high-end top-notch used and new vehicles to the globe. Here's why these cars are in high demand!

Why are Japanese Used Cars are High in demand still in 2022?

There are plenty of reasons why the Japanese providehigh-end, and top-notch used and new vehicles to the globe. Moreover, Japanese used cars competitors like Europe, America, and Germany are all in one line. 

Furthermore, there are some famous car brands in Japan, including Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki, Subaru, and many more. Toyota is on the top of all the brands in Japan, with the most dominant sales in Japan and the world. It became the leading car brand in Japan in 2021 by selling 1.42 million cars, in which Toyota model Yaris was the bestpassenger vehicle with 213 thousand units.

There are many advantages in buying a Japanese-used vehicle, but many people are only aware of a few of them. The most common advantages are that used Japanese vehicles are usually cheaper to buy than new ones. Japanese cars tend to be better for general mileage than racing or top speed.

Here are notable points of why Japanese used cars are still high in demand in 2022:


We have discussed a lot about Japanese success in the above paragraphs. Let’s check out the reasons why people still prefer Japanese used cars. 

  1. The Japanese used cars are the most affordable cars if you are on a tight budget. The average Japanese used car will cost around 1.3 million Japanese yen in 2020. 
  2. The vehicles are reliable because of the maintenance done by the earlier owner of Japanese used cars. 
  3. There is no maintenance required for the Japanese used cars because they are over-pampered. 
  4. Japanese have the finest model of cars in different sizes and styles. There is a ton of stock available in every company. The consumer can choose whatever they want in their garage. 
  5. They are trustworthy exporters all around Japan. It is one of the reasons why people from all around the world approach the Japanese car market every year. Japan exports approximately four to six million vehicles all around the world annually. 

6. There is no import tax on Japanese used vehicles. So, it will save a lot of money. Unlike if you import cars from Europe, America, or Germany. 

7. There are online auctions available, too. From there, the buyer can bid on their desired vehicle or hire someone else to do it. 

8. The Japanese used vehicles are well-inspected. Every two years, the vehicles must pass the inspection test. The inspection test is called the Shaken. It can cost up to 100,000 Japanese YEN. That is why Japanese locals maintain their cars according to the policy of the Shaken inspection. 

9. The spare parts of the Japanese used cars are easily available everywhere. Or else, you can also contact the trader company to export it. 

10. The trader company also provides an inspection sheet, so the consumer clears all the doubts about the vehicle’s condition. The grading numbers on the inspection sheet tells everything about the car.

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