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How to DIY wrap your car at home

The popularity of automobile wrapping and vinyl is growing. How much does it cost? You must have observed that vinyl automobiles are starting to appear on the roads.

Given how challenging and expensive it is to obtain a matte finish with paint, those that are vinyl and come in matte hues are the easiest to discern. The ones covered with glossy vinyl, on the other hand, are trickier to spot because they initially appear to be painted.

Does it scratch more easily?

Vinyl has a hardness similar to paint, that is, it scratches similarly good news is that just like paint, vinyl can also be buffed to remove those micro car scratch.

What is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping consists of partially or covering a vehicle using special adhesive vinyl. But how is it done? It is manual work in which the vinyl is molded piece by piece and pasted over the original painting.

As I told you at the beginning, with a job well done, you can achieve the same effect as painting.

When you look at the Vehicle vinyl wrap, you should not know whether it is vinyl or painted.

Does vinyl need more care than paint?

To sum it up, there is practically no special care to be taken with vinyl when it comes to painting.

But there are things you can do to prolong the life and good looks of your vinyl for many, many years.

How long does it last without losing color or properties?

It depends on the finishes and colors. But in summary, the durability of 3M 1080 Scotch print in vinyl (which is suitable for car wrapping), has an estimated durability without losing color or properties for 7 years.

From there, it relies on how much sunlight they receive.

In a vehicle that is stored in a garage and is not in the sun all day, it can be expected to last many more years.

Would I have insurance problems if I get hit one day?

The best thing in terms of insurance is that after the vinyl of the car, it is added so that it is covered.

But it turns out that doing so is very likely to save you money, because as I mentioned above, repairing the vinyl is cheaper than repairing the paint.

Can vinyl be applied to a scratched car?

If they are superficial, they can be applied without further ado, but if they are deep, it is best to at least leave them smooth. That way they won’t be noticeable when the vinyl is on top.

Is it necessary to repair the paint before applying the vinyl?

If, for example, we repair a bun, caulking would be enough. That is, you can save painting after the repair since the vinyl can be placed on the smooth putty.

Is any vinyl used to make Car Wrapping?

Absolutely. Traditional vinyl doesn’t work for various reasons. The most important is durability (they lose their properties much sooner than special car wrapping vinyl) and that they can damage the vehicle’s paint if they are not suitable.

You have more information on this point in this article on vinyl qualities and their effects.

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