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if there's anything the rich and famous are known for, it's their fancy cars. Here are ten of our favorite celebrity cars right now.

Ten coolest Modified Cars owned by our favorite celebrity

For normal humans, buying a car is a big decision as it is a costly affair. We generally have lengthy discussions with our expert friends before buying a car and skim through car accessory review sites like to get credible information about vehicles. However, our favorite celebrities have no financial constraints. Hence, most celebrities own a fleet of expensive cars. Some of them go a step further to modify them with expensive customizations and accessories. Sometimes these modifications reflect the owner’s personality. Hence, it is interesting to check which modified car our favorite celebrity owns. Here we have compiled a list of the Ten cool Modified Cars owned by our favorite celebrity. 

1. David Beckham and Rolls Royce Phantom

David Beckham is a well-known football player. As much as he is known for his flamboyant lifestyle, his expansive car collection has been the talk-of-the-town. His car collection includes plenty of big names such as Porsche 911 Turbo, Bentley Mulsanne and Continental Supersports, an Audi RS6 Avant, a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, a Range Rover, and a Cadillac Escalade. The one car that stands out from this impressive fleet is the custom-made Rolls-Royce Phantom. A 6.75-liter V12 engine producing 453 hp powers the beast. And it is controlled by a six-speed automatic transmission.

Specially built 24-inch Savini Forged wheels give the Phantom a unique look. The tailor-made engravings of Beckham’s jersey number ’23’ on all the seats make this car ‘Beckham’s personalized possession.’

2. Jay Leno- EcoJet

Comedian Jay Leno’s car collection is so impressive that he is often known as the world’s most famous car collector. Unlike other celebrities who buy cars and modify them, Leno went a step further and collaborated with General Motors to develop the EcoJet, a fully-functioning concept car. 

Leno asked his ‘Big Dog’ crew of master mechanics to assemble the car. The crew came up with some additions that we can only term as ‘mind-boggling.’ The car has a Honeywell gas turbine helicopter engine and runs on both clean-burning jet engine fuel and biodiesel. The supercar is completely street-legal, somewhat planet-friendly, and by all means a possession to be proud of. 

3 Kim Kardashian- Ferrari 458 Italia

Kim Kardashian’s cars mingle with her persona. Her cars are curvaceous, high-maintenance, and stacked with non-original parts. She owns a $ 325k white 458 Italia. Kim’s then-beau Kris Humphries arguably bought this car, and Los Angeles’ Platinum Motorsports gave it an impressive appearance. The car is one of a million-dollar fleet of aspirational rides that includes a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a blacked-out Bentley Continental GTC, and the celeb-obligatory flat-black Merc G63. 

4. Jay Z- Maybach Excelero

Jay Z made a fortune in the music industry. And it seems only natural that he decided to spend some of his wealth on modified cars. One of Jay-Z’s prized possession is the unique Maybach Exelero. The Exelero is a solid sports car conceived specially for a high-magnitude performance. Daimler Chrysler, in partnership with Stola, has built this beast. 

A twin-turbo V12 engine producing 690 hp at 5000 rpm form the powerhouse of this supercar. The Exelero goes from rest to 62 mph in a mere 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of 218 mph, making it a dream car for people that love speed. 

5. Lady Gaga- El Camino

Lady Gaga is arguably the most popular iconoclast. Hence, her car choice is naturally unique. She owns a vintage coupe utility pickup, El Camino, which is a testament to her love for things that break the standard mold. General Motors has built Lady Gaga’s, El Camino. It features a front-engine and a rear-wheel-drive. 

The utility coupe is a second-generation model, and the concept behind the car was to create a vehicle that works as a leisure car and a work truck. Lady Gaga complimented her car by stating, ‘truly some things never go out of style.’

6. Marshawn Lynch’s Jeep Wrangler

Seattle Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch is a sight to behold when he is on the field. He has explosive power, intimidating smack talk, and the ability to enjoy a bag of Skittles during a game. Similarly, his car collection reflects his personality. His ‘Beast Mode’ Jeep Wrangler has green lights, premium leather seats with the Lynch’s Beast Mode’ symbol stitched into them, and a ‘Beast Mode’ graphic on the front end. 

7. Josh Gordon: Camouflage Porsche

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon owns a camouflage Porsche featuring bright orange rims. As expected, the color choice makes the car grab instant attention, but he tries to keep it low. 

When asked about his car, Gordon admitted that it draws attention. But he brings the car out only on certain days. He explained that he drives another less attractive vehicle, and its design does not really bother him or anybody else. 

8. Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Huracan

Chris Brown became a teenage sensation and since then hasn’t looked back. He has remained a fixture on the charts by releasing one hit after the next. Brown spends his fortune on buying amazing rides and makes sure to put personal touches on them. For example, his Lamborghini Huracan features a unique design on its body. The folks at RDBLA have transformed the vehicle into a ‘baby Lambo’ that stands out from the rest. 

RDBLA has applied Brown’s whip with an attention-grabbing symmetrical chrome wrap. What’s more, the wrap changes its color depending on your viewing angle. The wrap offers various tints of blue, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. Plus, the car has also outfitted with purple headlights. Yes, purple headlights.

9. Will.I.Am’s VW Beetle

Will.I.Am is a prominent member of the Black Eyed Peas. He made a fortune by providing the world with catchy tunes. And he spent some of his money on his unique and custom VW Beetle. 

The vehicle is an instant attention-grabber and features a navy blue color. 


The former NBA great Tracy McGrady had a customized 2001 Mercedes-Benz CL600. The stunning V12 coupe features a baby blue, a color that most owners would think twice before applying to their vehicles. The other customizations include matching pastel interior trim and rims, T-Mac logos in the headrests, and Gucci upholstery. 

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