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How to Select Car Unlock Kits for Picking Car Locks

If you are going to pick car locks, you had better find the right auto lock pick tools. There are various auto entry kits according to the existed types of car locks all over the world. You need prepare a lot of things before picking car locks. You have to know something about the types of car locks and find the right tools for completing the lock pick job. 

You can learn to pick car locks according to your skill level, whether you are hobbyists of lock picking or professional locksmiths, it is good for you to enjoy the fun of picking locks with the right car unlock kits . 

Do you know about car locks before picking?

When it comes to car locks, we usually focus on discussing car door lock cylinders and trunk locks. Because of the additional electronic lock protocols, the car ignition cylinders are not easily picked. Now, the exterior locks are easier to be picked than before. Although there are various types of car locks, some popular locks are widely used nowadays. You just need figure out these popular car locks at first. 

For instance, wafer locks or slider locks. Both of them are the most common car locks on the market. Problems of wafer locks or slider locks are mainly focused on the bump keys which do not work on cars. 

How to Select Car Unlock Kits

Single Pin Auto Lock Picks

If you want to find the most common lock picking tools, you had better get the standard lock picks. The Standard lock picks allow you to move various component in the lock separately. The standard hook is a good choice for auto single pin picking. You can use the hook tool to move wafers and sliders in the lock. And It is also useful when you meet a car lock that contains a pin tumbler system. 

Car Lock Pick and Decoder Tool

Car lock pick and decoder tool is also a good pick tool for wafer locks and car disk detainers. When it comes to car lock decoder tools, they have an easy system of opening locks and can find the bitting of the working key. You can use the decoder tool to open car locks easily and depend on this tool to improve your ability of dealing with the car locks by yourself. 

Car Lock Tension Tools

If you want to pick car locks well, you had better prepare tension tools in your lock pick kit. Some tension tools are especially made for opening car locks. The types of them are similar to forceps that can be used to insert into the car locks and pick up the different directions of keyways in the locks. Because the keyways of car locks are usually open, except a spring operated keyway cover, you can use the tension wrench to move the pins in the locks. 

You can also combine additional tension tools with key profile picks in the process of picking car locks. When you use the single pin picks to pick the locks, you will need the tension tools to push on the locks, which make you easily insert the tool into the keyways. 

We hope that you have got a good understanding of auto lock pick set before you start to pick car locks, If you want to buy good car unlock kits, you can look through the goods at You will find the suitable auto tools among various kinds of car unlock kits at Barhomevip.

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