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How to Make Your Car Rental More Economical – Tips from Savvy Travelers

With the top rental agencies slashing their fleets during the pandemic, the current demand spike has resulted in rental prices zooming. However, as experienced travelers know, there are plenty of tips and tricks to get what you want for less when renting a car on your next vacation.

Avoid Renting at the Airport

Rentals at the airport are convenient but usually are super expensive due to the surcharges and convenience fees the rental companies typically charge. Sometimes they charge you a fixed dollar amount and sometimes as a percentage of the total rental. A few companies may even charge you both, taking the fee to a three-figure amount, depending on the duration of your rental. The best way of saving on this kind of expense is to scope out the rental prices in the city and find out how much you will save after spending on the taxi fare from the airport.

Compare Prices Online

Take a look at the sites of various car rental agglomeration services to zoom into the best deal but finalize the deal only after visiting the rental agency’s website since you might get a better deal there, especially if you pay in advance. However, you should remember advance payments will typically not be refundable. If you make a refundable booking, you can keep searching for a better deal until the last minute.

Consider Discount Rental Brands

While using one of the leading brands is tempting, you should also look closely at some smaller car hire Brisbane agencies that often offer more competitive rates. It can help you save a lot of money if you rent a car for several days or longer trips.

Use the Power of Memberships

You can find out if the rental agency offers discounts or special deals if you use your AAA membership credentials, a frequent-flyer program, or even a supermarket membership card. The discounts you can avail of sometimes can be significant. However, read the fine print to know what the offer entails and if the savings are worth it.

Choose an Economy Model

When all you want is a reliable mode of transport to travel between two places, you should avoid fancy cars and opt for an economy model since the price difference can be substantial. Moreover, if you rent the cheapest car on the list, you can benefit from the fact it will most likely not be available on the lot when you arrive to pick it up, and the agency will upgrade you to a larger and better model. According to Forbes, it can help to talk to the rental agency’s manager if the agency does not offer an upgrade without additional cost if it cannot give you the car you booked.


In addition to the above tips, you can save significantly by using your own car insurance instead of buying extra. You can book using your credit card, which gives free insurance on rentals. Sticking to only one driver can also save you a handsome amount because rental agencies charge for multiple drivers. Also, avoid any extras you don’t require, like GPS, sunroof, toll transponder, etc. 

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