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Best Car Repair Service Centers in Bangladesh: Top Picks!

Best Car Repair Service Centers in Bangladesh: Top Picks!

The best car repair service centers in Bangladesh include Biswas Automobiles, Mitsubishi Motors, and Nissan Bangladesh. These centers are renowned for their reliable services and skilled technicians.

Choosing the right car repair service is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Bangladeshi car owners often seek service centers that combine quality, efficiency, and affordability. Auto Repair Center Dhaka stands out for its state-of-the-art technology and customer-centric approach.

Meanwhile, Moto Solution is praised for its wide range of services and transparent pricing system, making it a popular choice among car owners. Dhaka Motors, with its team of certified professionals, ensures every repair meets the highest standards. Whether it’s routine maintenance or complex repairs, these service centers are equipped to handle all types of automotive issues. They prioritize customer satisfaction, use genuine parts, and remain updated with the latest automotive technology, securing their position at the top of the list for car repair services in Bangladesh.

Factors To Consider

Choosing the right car repair service center is crucial for vehicle maintenance. It saves time and ensures your car receives top-notch care. Before making a decision, consider these key factors to find the best service centers in Bangladesh.


Convenience matters when selecting a service center. A location near home or work makes visits easier. Look for centers within a reasonable distance to reduce travel time. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. It’s one of the busiest cities in this country with more than 22.4 million people. All of those service centers are based in Dhaka. So, Get your car care with the best car service centers in Dhaka City.


Expert mechanics deliver quality repairs. Choose centers with certified technicians. They should have experience with your car’s make and model. Certification ensures they have the skills needed.


  • Affordable rates are important.
  • Compare service costs between different centers.
  • Good service at a fair price is a priority.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Customer feedback reflects service quality. Read reviews and check ratings. High ratings typically indicate satisfied customers. Choose centers with positive reviews for peace of mind.


Top 5 Car Repair Service Centers In Bangladesh

Finding a reliable car repair service center can be daunting. Vehicle owners require trustworthy mechanics and high-quality service. Here are the top five auto repair service centers in Bangladesh that promise to keep your car in peak condition.

  • Biswas Automobiles BD
  • Mitsubishi Motors
  • Nissan Bangladesh
  • Rahimafrooz
  • Uttara Motors Service

01. Biswas Automobiles BD

Address: Ka-60,Soudi Mosjid Road, Dhaka 1212

Phone: 01742-700300

Biswas Automobiles BD stands out for its exceptional customer care. Biswas Autos are the best car repair service center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Their team specializes in comprehensive car repair services. From regular maintenance to complex engine work, they handle it all.

  • Engine diagnostics and repairs
  • Electrical systems servicing
  • Standard maintenance services
  • PPI Inspection service
  • Wheel Alignment and Balancing
  • Car Wash & Polish service
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Emergency Car Service
  • Routine Maintainace 

02. Mitsubishi Motors Bangladesh

Address: 215 Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Dhaka 1208

Phone: 09666-704704

For Mitsubishi car owners, Mitsubishi Motors Bangladesh is the go-to. This premium car service center offers specialized maintenance by certified technicians trained to ensure your vehicle performs like new.

Service Offered Details
Periodic Maintenance Tailored for Mitsubishi vehicles
Repair Services OEM parts and expert workmanship

03. Nissan Bangladesh

Address: Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208

Phone: +880 9613 555 666

Nissan Bangladesh is known for first-rate services for Nissan vehicles. Skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge provide services from minor repairs to major overhauls. They use advanced technology to diagnose and fix issues promptly.

  1. Transmission and brake services
  2. Oil changes and tire services
  3. Complimentary vehicle inspections

04. Rahimafrooz

Address: Globe Chamber, 104, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000.

Phone: 02-223385239

With a solid reputation, Rahimafrooz offers a range of auto repair service options. Pride in their workmanship ensures dependable services every time. Their well-equipped workshops cater to various makes and models.

  • Battery check and replacement
  • AC repair and refrigerant recharge
  • Brake and suspension work

05. Uttara Motors Service Center

Address: 124 Uttar, Dhaka 1208

Phone: 01322-846232

Uttara Motors Service Center is recognized for excellence in car repairs and maintenance. A highly-trained staff delivers swift and effective solutions for all automotive concerns. This center is a trusted choice for many car owners.

  1. Authentic spare parts
  2. State-of-the-art equipment
  3. Detailed car health reports

Each of these centers provides reliable and efficient services. Choose the best auto repair service based on your needs and vehicle type. Trust these experts to keep your car running smoothly.

Services Offered

Finding a reliable car repair service center in Bangladesh is crucial for your vehicle’s longevity. A good center will not only fix current issues but also prevent future problems. Let’s explore the services that best car repair centers in Bangladesh offer to keep your car running smoothly.

General Car Repairs

General car repairs cover a wide range of services. These include oil changes, filter replacements, and routine maintenance. Trustworthy mechanics ensure your car is always road-ready.

Engine Diagnostics And Repair

With engine diagnostics and repair, technicians spot issues before they escalate. They use advanced tools to diagnose and fix engines, ensuring optimal performance.

Brake And Suspension Systems

Your car’s brake and suspension systems are vital for safety. Skilled mechanics check and repair brakes, shocks, and struts to keep your car safe.

Electrical And Electronic Systems

Today’s vehicles are packed with electronics. Electrical and electronic system services cover everything from batteries to complex computer systems.

Bodywork And Painting

Accidents happen. When they do, bodywork and painting services restore your car’s appearance. Professional painters and body repair specialists use the best materials.

Tire And Wheel Alignment

Proper tire and wheel alignment are crucial for a smooth ride. Mechanics adjust the angles of wheels to the car manufacturer’s specifications.

Pre Purchase Inspection Service

Before buying a used car, a pre-purchase inspection is smart. Trained inspectors check the car’s condition so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits Of The Best Car Repair Service Centers

Choosing the right car repair service center can enhance your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. High-quality repair services ensure that your car stays in optimal condition, providing peace of mind. Let us dive into the benefits of the best car repair service centers in Bangladesh.

Reliable And Trustworthy Services

The best centers offer dependable solutions for all car issues. They have a record of delivering consistent results. You can expect the highest standards of repair, backed by warranties and assurances.

Skilled And Experienced Mechanics

Expert mechanics with years of experience work on your car. They are trained to handle complex repairs. This expertise leads to superb quality of work.

Use Of Genuine Parts And Tools

Top service centers use original parts and advanced tools. This practice ensures perfect compatibility and prolongs vehicle life.

Quick Turnaround Time

Speed is crucial. The best centers provide efficient services to get you back on the road swiftly. They understand the value of your time.

Excellent Customer Service

Exceptional support defines premium service centers. They listen to your concerns and offer personalized solutions. Your satisfaction is their priority.

Customer Feedback And Reviews

Exploring the best car repair service centers in Bangladesh intensifies when customers weigh in. Here’s why their voices are crucial.

Importance Of Customer Feedback

Feedback tells real stories. Each review shines light on the quality and reliability of car repair services.

Customer experiences guide future patrons.

  • Good reviews boost confidence in a service center.
  • Negative feedback pressures improvements.

Honest assessments highlight strengths and reveal gaps. Centers listen and grow, driving excellence.

Considering Feedback Before Choosing A Service Center

Reviews are a compass for new customers. They paint a clear picture of what to expect.

  1. Scan for consistent patterns in feedback.
  2. Assess both praise and criticism.
  3. Balance individual stories with overall trends.

Smart choices stem from informed research. Delve into the experiences of others to select a service center that aligns with your needs.

Service Center Positive Reviews User Rating
Biswas Automobiles BD Best car service centre. Their customer support team is very helpful. 4.6/5
Mitsubishi Motors Bangladesh Glorious experience. 4.4/5
Nissan Bangladesh One of the best car repair services in Dhaka. Recommended servicing center. 4.5/5
Rahimafrooz  Service quality is good. 4.2/5
Uttara Motors Service Center Great service! Overall their is good and they respect their clients. 4.1/5

Tips On Choosing The Right Car Repair Service Center

Need a reliable car repair service center in Bangladesh? Selecting the right one is crucial for your car’s health and your peace of mind. This guide offers straightforward tips on choosing a competent service center for your vehicle.

Seek Recommendations

Start by asking family and friends about their experiences with local car repair shops. Personal stories help identify reputable service centers. Look for consistent positive feedback to make a well-informed choice.

Check For Certifications And Accreditations

Certified technicians guarantee expert repairs. Ensure the center has industry-recognized accreditations like ASE (Automotive Service Excellence). This instills confidence in their service quality.

Visit The Service Center For Inspection

Firsthand observation speaks volumes. Assess the center’s cleanliness, organization, and equipment. A well-maintained workplace reflects a commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Consider Convenience And Accessibility

  • Check operating hours
  • Find locations near you
  • Assess ease of scheduling

A service center that fits your routine saves time. Select one that offers flexibility and is within reach.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Car Repair Service Centers In Bangladesh

Which Are Top Car Repair Services In Bangladesh?

Several reputable car repair service centers in Bangladesh include Dhaka Automobile, Auto Aid Bangladesh, MotoFixers, Doctor Car, and Vehicle Care.

How To Choose Reliable Car Repair Centers?

Look for centers with certified technicians, positive customer reviews, state-of-the-art tools, and transparent pricing policies.

What Services Do Bangladeshi Car Centers Offer?

Most service centers offer engine diagnostics, oil changes, brake repairs, AC servicing, and routine maintenance.

Can I Find Specialized Car Services In Dhaka?

Yes, Dhaka hosts specialized car service centers for specific brands and requirements like hybrid repairs or performance enhancements.

Are There Affordable Car Repair Options Available?

Affordability varies, but many centers provide competitive pricing and can accommodate different budgets for car repairs and maintenance.


Choosing a top-notch car repair service center in Bangladesh just got easier. Our curated list ensures you can trust your vehicle with skilled professionals. From customer satisfaction to quality workmanship, these centers stand out. Drive with confidence, knowing your car receives the best care in the nation.

Safe travels and smooth rides await!

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