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Aggressive drivers put everyone in danger and create a greater risk of accidents. Here's everything you need to know.

Do Aggressive Drivers Cause More Accidents?

Driving in New York City can be a frustrating experience. However, some drivers take their frustrations to new levels with aggressive driving behaviors. Aggressive drivers put everyone in danger and create a greater risk of accidents. 

Aggressive Driving Behaviors

When someone is driving aggressively, they may tailgate and follow too closely to the car in front of them. They may speed excessively, weave in and out of traffic, and cut off other motorists. They may also honk, yell, and make obscene gestures at others on the road. 

These aggressive driving behaviors often result in accidents with serious injuries or even fatalities. While it’s not illegal to be angry behind the wheel, driving recklessly is another story. Reckless driving occurs when someone puts you and your loved ones in danger by interfering with your use of public roads. In New York, it’s a misdemeanor. Check out roadrunner auto transport reviews if this happens.

Road rage is a criminal offense due to its severity. Road rage is when a driver employs their vehicle as a destructive weapon or gets into a physical confrontation with another driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist. 

What to Do If You Encounter an Aggressive Driver

An aggressive driver has no regard for the rights or safety of others who are also using the roads. They act like they’re the only ones entitled to use the streets and highways of New York. 

If you are on the road with an aggressive driver, you will want to prioritize your safety to avoid being caught up in a car accident. Staying calm and keeping a level head is important as it will allow you to think clearly and control your vehicle. 

It’s also best to distance yourself as much as possible from the aggressive driver. Don’t make eye contact or engage in any way with them. If this is how they are driving, they may continue to escalate the situation. Without putting yourself in harm’s way, try to get the license plate number or any other identifying information about the aggressive driver and their vehicle. 

You should also call 911, but if you are actively being pursued in a road rage incident, do not stop. Stay on the line and head to the nearest police station. The emergency operators are also trained to walk you through situations like this. One thing you want to avoid is getting out of your vehicle to speak with a threatening driver. 

What You Should Do After an Accident with an Aggressive Driver

In the event that your encounter with an aggressive driver led to a crash, you will want to seek legal representation. However, it can be difficult to prove aggressive or careless driving in New York. This is because the police can’t issue any type of ticket unless they witness this behavior. 

You will likely need to rely on any surveillance video footage or witness testimony to prove that this driver was aggressive. In some cases, other drivers may also report the driver to the police which can bode well as evidence. 

Careless and aggressive driving that causes accidents puts everyone at risk. With injuries and damage to your vehicle, you may not know how to proceed. Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law can help you understand your legal rights and give you legal advice about how to proceed.

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