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5 Ways to Make Use of Your Old Cars

Spring season is just around the corner – and it’s about time for you to do your annual spring cleaning. Scrubbing off dirt on your floors, scraping off the unwanted molds in your vents, repainting your walls, and washing your never-ending laundry. And when you thought that your work is done, your garage made its appearance with your old car sitting on the center. Not only it is old and clunky, it is also covered in dust that is so thick that you can probably draw a family portrait on it.

Now, you are in a dilemma on what to do about your old car to complete your spring cleaning. Fret not, there are various ways to over this like and here’s 5 ways to make use of your old cars:

Sell it instead of letting it sit.

You might have heard this a thousand times, but one of the best things you can do for your old car is to sell it rather than let it accumulate dust in the corner and not see the sun again.  It will only take up space in your garage that should have been used for other stuffs. Why not make a quick cash out of it and free up some space in your storage? There are a lot of car buyers that will buy your old vehicles, take for example ZippyCashForCars, they turn your worn out and damaged cars into cash instantaneously. Within 2 minutes after filling out the necessary information about your vehicle, you’ll get immediately an offer that is worth your car’s worth. And if is suit right to your own quotation, then you are done in a jiffy – gone is your tattered and aged car in exchange for a wad of cash. 

You can use old cars to repair or modify other things you own.

Even it is old and decrepit car, there are still some parts that can be used and salvaged. Just like how dealers buy your car’s part, you can make use of it for your own and make it as a spare part for your new car or for other things that may be in need of a component that is compatible to your car’s parts. Albeit it is only selective parts, but it is still better than junking the entirety of it.

You can use old cars to fix up a room.

Car parts can be used to take your decorations into the next level. Vintage, retro, and punk styles would be a great fit for your car parts to be placed. You can hang your car tires and plate numbers to the wall next to your tapestries to accentuate your room designs. Your old car seats can be removed and used as another bean bag to your hangout place or bedroom. Car mirrors are also a great addition to your area to complement with your conventional mirrors. There are many ways in redesigning your room to accommodate these new additions of car parts. Not only you are repurposing your old car things, you are able to spice up your design with some automotive parts. 

Convert it into a new motor home 

If your old cars have bigger capacity inside such as vans, buses, or trucks, perhaps these can be renovated into a camper van or a food truck. Just like there are trailer houses, camper vans can also be a good way to add another living space to your house. If your vehicles is good enough to run, then perhaps you get to travel without having a problem for accommodation since your own car can be your living quarters equipped with the necessary gear. However, if the car is too damaged and the engines can no longer work, then you can place your newly converted camper van in your backyard and have a pseudo campfire there. Although your house are just few yards away, it is better to sleep in your camper van to feel the essence of a true campfire. 

If camper van is a no go for you, then you can renovate your vehicle into a food truck style business. Instead of having your customer’s food order delivered to them, why not take a new spin to your business by having your old truck turn into a food truck. Not only you gave your vehicle a makeover, earning a few bucks to your business without having to pay for rent, you also freed up some space in your garage now that you have found a new purpose for your old car. It’s like three birds with one stone. 

Now that you have several options on what to do with your worn-out and rusty car, you can now continue your role as a spring fairy and proceed to complete your spring cleaning. Whatever choice you make, it is always better to salvage rather than let something sit and waste away.

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