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While everyone is talking about the streaming wars, cable TV is standing its ground. Check out the affordable cable TV packages that are keeping cable in the fight,

On Netflix you can learn how to cook or simply giggle at others struggling in the kitchen. Here are the top 9 cooking shows for 2019 to watch

Marcasite jewelry refers to the distinct looking vintage type jewelry that people have loved for over a century now. These jewelry items usually have a pyrite stone set

The online gaming industry has experienced immense growth in the digital age. People have always loved games but easier access to internet, ever improving technology and changing lifestyles

Do you have a clear conception of your screenplay's vision? Here's how to make 100% certain you can spot if you’re micromanaging or not.

We’ve got a method you can apply to anything you write so you can be completely sure your script is the best piece of art you could have

If you want to see how easy it is for other people to spot all the problems in your work, just give feedback on someone else’s script.

How can you proofread your own screenplay? We’ve primed some advice on how to proofread your own work without harassing strangers on the street.

Here is something the film and entertainment industry has a great interest in: Global wealth is set to grow at a pace of 6.1% annually. The number of