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There's no TV show out there that did it like 'Hannibal'. Nothing can come close to the drama or horror elements. We demand a season 4 of the

Bingewatching is a great Friday night activity, but not if your muscles are in pain. This massager can change that though, making things a lot more comfy.

It's an undeniable fact that some actors just have truly hot sex scenes. These celebs have made a name for themselves at very good at pretend sexy times.

Looking to inspire conversations about maturity with your teen? These five films will help you get the ball rolling.

Paul Brenno always had a passion for camera work, and spent his career working with cameras and storytelling. Now, he's taking on COVID-19 in his new doc.

In a stressful world, it's natural to need some more than just a good cup of tea. Hemp Theory is great to help you calm your nerves and

The winners of this edition of the Venice Short Film Awards are a great selection of amazing international talent in the world of independent film.

Dani Coleman has been killing the acting game for years, but she's finally taking the step behind the camera to direct her own indie shorts.

The thrill of a good poker game is what we all need, but sometimes we just can't make it happen. Instead, we can watch these top poker scenes