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We’re looking for an innovative and creative Website Content Producer to join our team. As the Website Content Producer, you will be responsible for creating engaging blog posts that capture the attention of readers from around the world. You must have strong writing and storytelling abilities to create content that is informative, compelling and engaging – while staying on-brand.

The ideal candidate must have a passion for website content and a comprehensive knowledge of web analytics tech. They must be able to use WordPress and they must understand search trends and viral content. Part journalist, part social media maven, we are looking for candidates who can disseminate complex ideas in a fun yet readable format.

Person Specification

  • At least 2 years experience in blogging or related field   
  • Outstanding written communication
  • Creative problem-solving abilities   
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple teams on complex topics    
  • Excellent organizational skills & comfort making decisions  
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines while still delivering quality work 
  • Outstanding writing & storytelling skills  
  • Ability to create content that is engaging, informative, and captivating 
  • Proficiency in various digital media marketing strategies (SEO/SEM) 
  • Knowledge of WordPress   
  • Experience in multimedia production technology  
  • Ability to stay current on topics related to content    
  • Excellent organizational skills & decisionmaking abilities
  • Proven track record of writing viral articles (with the analytics evidence to back it up)
  • Proven ability to stay informed about current events and trends related to topic

Daily Tasks 

  • Develop engaging content on a regular basis    
  • Utilize web analytics software to track website traffic metrics such as visits, page views & interactions
  • Ensure compliance regarding copyright laws and other legal matters related to website publishing    
  • Adhere to stringent time frames when completing tasks



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