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Assistant Producer

At Film Daily, we’re in the business of crafting viral sensations. Our creed? To capture the zeitgeist in every frame and bring the pulse of the digital age to life. Here, creativity knows no bounds as we push the envelope of short-form video content, transforming viral hits into 22-minute epics for our streaming partners. We’re the digital alchemists, turning the everyday into streaming gold.

As an Assistant Producer at Film Daily, you’ll wield the creative spark and organizational wizardry to shepherd projects from the ether of ideas to the concrete reality of streaming platforms. Working in concert with our Director and Preditor, you’ll orchestrate production strategies that marry wild creativity with the grounded realities of budget & timeline. You are the linchpin between vision and execution, ensuring our digital dreams don’t just dazzle in theory, but truly impact worldwide audiences.

Reporting to the Portfolio Executive Producer, you’re not just producing content; you’re producing magic. This call to arms is for those ready to dive into the future, for those who dream of viral hits and streaming success. Your resume here is not just a submission, but a ticket to the forefront of digital storytelling.


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Please note this role is based ON-SITE in the 90028 area.


  • Navigate the complexities of budget, schedule, and team dynamics with a seasoned hand
  • Lead the design team to fulfill creative vision without losing sight of the finish line
  • Strategize creative solutions to ensure project completion, even when the unexpected hits
  • Champion the creative process, ensuring vision comes to life as imagined
  • Negotiate & navigate changes in scope and creative contracts with finesse
  • Foster collaboration between the Preditor and creative leads to enhance project scope
  • Spearhead proof-of-concept mockups, documenting the journey from concept to reality
  • Mastery in the art of communication, keeping team aligned and vision clear

Basic Qualifications

  • Proficient in the tools of the trade: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and beyond
  • Deep understanding of the nuts & bolts of project planning and risk management
  • Insider’s perspective on creative development, from big picture to fine print
  • Knack for juggling documentation and keeping details straight
  • Background in project management with a flair for the arts, theater, or entertainment
  • Compelling presenter, ready to bring ideas to life in front of an audience
  • Valid CA driver’s license and passport for both domestic and international travel
  • Lives & loves the producer life

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years in the trenches of film, theater, or design production
  • BA/BS in theater, film, design, or entertainment, proving your commitment to the craft

Additional Information

Film Daily offers a treasure trove of benefits and perks, designed to make your life as vibrant off-screen as it is on. From health and savings plans to educational opportunities and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Discover more about what we offer and prepare to be enticed.


Rates depend on experience and the level at which you join our team.

Recruitment process

  • Please apply below.
  • Successful candidates will be invited to take a timed, paid test online.
  • Due to the volume of candidates, we’ll only be able to reply to shortlisted candidates.
  • Please include career highlights in your cover letter.


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