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Top 12 Reasons to Visit Nepal

Nepal is a blend of Mountains, trekking trails, lakes, valleys, and diverse cultures. For adventure enthusiasts- without a doubt, this is a picture-perfect, enchanted, and peaceful spot to be. The dreamland is more than just a romantic or spiritual retreat. Every year, people look forward to visiting this sanctuary.

Why does Nepal captivate people’s hearts? The following list of the Top 12 Reasons to Visit Nepal will change the way you view this landlocked Himalayan nation.


1. Mother Nature at its best


Do you Love the outdoors? Are you interested in a themed honeymoon? The majestic Himalayas with their glacier-topped peaks and dense valley provide a picturesque background for every location in this region. Yes, Nepal is home to the exotic Himalayas, which give the region a more legendary natural feel. There are many adventure-filled activities available here, ranging from trekking in the mountains to walking through Jungles in Teria. 


2. Distinctive Cultures


Nepali Culture endows the place with distinctive traditions, faiths, languages, art forms, handicrafts, and others. An enigmatic country like Nepal has its root deep in its history, religion, custom, and culture. The more you try to enjoy this essence, the more amusing Nepal becomes. Known for its flavored legacy and history, this Himalayan land has a unique charm that accounts for its customs, beauty, sovereignty, and others. The nation demonstrates cultural harmony between different faiths and cultures, and each part of the nation is different in this element creating a cluster of diversity that no other nation can display.


3. Explore 10 World Heritage Sites


Apart from nature and unique culture, Nepal also treasures fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ten historical shrines in Nepal have earned their spot in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. These ten locations are divided among seven UNESCO Cultural World Heritage locations in the Kathmandu Valley alone. In addition to Kathmandu, there are three other UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal. Some of them include Lumbini, the location of Gautam Buddha’s birth, Sagarmatha National Park, and Chitwan National Park.


4. Enjoy exotic Nepali Cuisines


Nepal’s cuisines are a reflection of both its neighboring superpower countries in the North and South. Its dishes are delicious as it draws on diverse cultural and ethnic influences. There are Newari cuisines with distinctive flavors. People have accustomed to their delicate cuisines that many food-chain titans were unable to enter this land. You should sample free-range chicken, butter tea, and momos. The traditional meals of Nepal are Daal and Bhat, and momo is unquestionably one of the nation’s most loved dishes. 


5. The best destination for trekking and hiking


Nepal is a great hotspot for hikers and adventurers. Anyone who enjoys trekking and excitement should visit Nepal. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists travel to Nepal in quest of adventure. Nepal is a country in the Himalayas, but it also offers a lot of hiking and adventure possibilities.

There are many different hiking routes and paths in Nepal like Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek, which are some of the most popular destinations for trekking among many. In addition to trekking in Nepal, you can engage in other heart-pounding activities like mountain bicycling, rock climbing, white water rafting, snow skiing, bungee jumping, sky diving, hot air ballooning, paragliding, and others.


6. Surreal High-altitude Lakes


It is recorded that there are 5,358 waterways in Nepal. Nepal is a country endowed with the gifts of nature, from the deepest lake at the highest elevation to the highest lake in the world (Tilicho, 4,950 m). (SheyPhoksundo, 145m deep at 3,600m height). About 200 lakes can be found in Nepal, with the majority being glacier-fed high-altitude lakes that are more than 4,000 meters above sea level. Tourists can enjoy a variety of water activities at these lakes in Nepal in addition to boating and paddling.


7. Paradise for mountain enthusiasts


It’s said that “Great things happen when men and mountains meet” and Nepal is a paradise for mountain enthusiasts. Nepal is referred to as the “Land of Mountains” because it contains more than 100 mountains with snow-capped summits in a small geographic region. Despite being landlocked and having a limited geographical area, the nation is home to eight of the fourteen mountains with peaks higher than 8,000 meters.


8. Mt. Everest


Who wouldn’t want to feel like they are on top of the world after conquering Mt. Everest (8,849 m), the tallest mountain in the world? Mt. Everest, regarded as the most amazing Himalayan peak, is charming. The “Goddess of Sky,” also referred to as “Sagarmatha,” represents the splendor and glory of the natural world. In addition, based on the time of year, the trek to Mount Everest Base Camp gives you the chance to see untamed mountains, alpine lakes, glacial plains, foaming rivers, and valleys covered in pink blossoms.


9. Observe the Wedding celebration


There are three days are dedicated to the wedding. The welcoming nature of Nepal extends to weddings of outsiders as well. The crying bride, special ceremonies, and wedding feasts are all enjoyable. Do you know that the bride attends acting class to cry the entire wedding? In their society, it is normal for the bride to cry. A wedding procession, marching music, and countless hours of religious rituals are all included, and one of the great ways to observe the Nepali culture and tradition.


10. The Birthplace of Lord Buddha


Nepal is not just a place of mountains, rich history, distinctive cultures and traditions, and a way to escape from bustling city life. Apart from scaling the highest mountain in the world, who wouldn’t want to feel proud of visiting the home of Buddha? Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a lot of visitors visit this sacred location every year. The great Buddhist teacher “Padmasambhava,” also known as Guru Rinpoche, was born in Nepal. The most well-known monasteries in Nepal are ThranguTashiYangtse Monastery in Namobuddha and Tengboche monastery in the Everest area.


11. Budget Friendly


In general, Nepal is affordable! The price you pay for a bottle of water after exhausting treks is considerably less than what you previously spent. Also, the lodging and meals are inexpensive, which could allow you to save your money for an exotic experience in a tourist area.


12. Friendly People and the Safest destination


Nepal is regarded as the world’s safest travel spot. Nepal was ranked “second peaceful nation” in South Asia by the IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) in the 2016 Global Peace Index (GPI). Bhutan was listed first. It is carried out by American-Australian in 158 countries worldwide. Nepal was ranked 80th in the globe. This serves as an illustration of how Nepal has improved since the devastating earthquake that struck on April 25, 2015, when India blocked the frontier. Nepali people are warm, welcoming, and friendly which is a reflection of their cultural values. 


We’re prepared to welcome you to Nepal at any time.

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