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Udaipur, mostly referred to as the “city of lakes” is one of the largest tourist attraction centres in India. This city is situated around lakes and also the hills of Aravalli which make it more beautiful and attracts lots of tourists and travellers from around the world.While travelling from one place to another we need a proper place to stay, so that we can rest there and organise ourselves. The city is famous for its old monuments and big palaces which can’t be travelled in a single day, and that’s why there are many hotels and resorts in Udaipur offering every possible service to make their customers feel relaxed so that we can explore the city according to ourpreference. As the city is surrounded by many travelling destinations, it surely will have several hotels where we can stay and enjoy the services.

Udaipur Ramadacan be the best option as it offers one of the best hotels and resorts along with many services such asspasand stay-ins, and also it has a vast area surrounded by beautiful views, so staying in this resort is worth it.The rooftop of the resort is lake-facing, offering tempting views and a pleasant environment.Here is a list of the facilities provided by Ramada resort:

  1. Spas: To make their customers feel relaxed and less tired, they offer spa services which are quite good and affordable.
  2. Kids activities: For those who are travelling together with their kids, there is a kids’ activity area where they can freely overcome their stress.
  3. Internet connectivity: Once we sign up at the resort/hotel, we get free WIFI connectivity so that we can easily connect to important work.
  4. Restaurant: The restaurant area is quite big and offers a variety of famous food from the city three times a day(breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  5. Dry cleaning services: If we are going to stay for a long time, then we also have an option for laundry and dry cleaning services so that we don’t have to do our clothes on our own while we are enjoying our holidays.
  6. Fitness centres: For the people who are health conscious, there are gyms where they can continue their daily routine and keep themselves fit while they are away from their homes.
  7. Cultural activities: The resort also offers cultural events at night so that its customers can enjoy themselves freely and know more about the city.

Along with these services, this resort is filled with many more facilities that attract many tourists. For more information regarding the resort, we can also go through the reviews and feedback on their official website and collect more information regarding the services offered by them.

After selecting the resort for our stay, now comes the turn to choose the places we can visit in the city. The city is mainly famous for its monuments which are years older and the architectural beauty is still able to attract thousands of tourists in a day.Udaipur is mainly of historical importance and the places here carry a touch of ancient architecture and decorative techniques. It is an attractive tourist destination and the natives of the city promote their culture very well and the tourists get to learn a lot about that. One of the most important things to consider while travelling in Udaipur is that it is well connected to the main state of Rajasthan and that’s why people who are going to visit Rajasthan often visit this city too. There are a lot of places to explore in Udaipur which are more fascinating in real life, some of the most famous places are mentioned along with their description:

  1. Lake Pichola: It is one of the most famous lakes in Udaipur and in India too for its beauty and the views it offers are the best. To experience the vibes, we can also take a boat ride and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. It also has two famous islands where we can reside to spend some quality time and adore nature.
  2. The Lake Palace: It is a palace located in Udaipur made up of marble and is on one of the islands of lake Pichola. So, if we travel across the lake, we can also visit this place. It is famous for its breathtaking architecture containing stonework, pillared terraces, etc. which makes it thousand times more beautiful.
  3. Jagdish Temple: It is one of the oldest temples located in the city which is approximately four hundred years old, dedicated to lord Vishnu. It is made up of carved pillars and special stones of that time. Tourists can visit this place if they want to feel the positive energy and vibes.
  4. Jag Mandir: This is also one of the oldest built monuments of the city which was built in many stages due to its beautiful architecture. It is also situated on one of the islands of lake Pichola and can be reached easily by boat. This place contains many things to be seen such as Bara Patharon ka Mahal, Gul Mahal, etc.
  5. The City Palace: This palace of Udaipur is more than three hundred years old, but still able to attract tourists due to its perfect maintenance by the government. It is located on the banks of Lake Picholamade up of a fusion of Mughal and Mewar architecture. The palace is so big that it will at least take one whole day if we want to explore the whole palace.
  6. Saheliyon Ki Bari: This palace was made in the memory of Maharana Sangram and is one of the most beautiful and well-maintained places to visit. It consists of a park, rain fountains, and a museum that contains items from the royal household. It is a great tourist spot in Udaipur.

There are many places like these to be visited in Udaipur and to make ourselves comfortable and stress-free there are resorts such as Ramada which make our trip more memorable by providing us all the services that we want. Hence Udaipur Ramada can be the best optionto plan the accommodation in Udaipur.

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