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How and what you pack in your luggage can make or break a vacation or business trip. Find out our top four tips on perfectly packing for your next travels.

Your Guide to Packing: Holiday Vacation Edition

Every year thousands of people travel to visit friends and family for the holidays. Ensure your kids can enjoy their snowy surroundings by packing compact inflatable toboggans!  And don’t forget to save some extra space to bring your gifts home with you. 

Whether visiting your parents or just off to a winter wonderland to enjoy a white Christmas, this packing guide will help you save space in your suitcase. 

Bring Lots of Cozy Layers 

There is nothing like cuddling up by the fire over the holidays with your family and a cozy cup of cocoa. Make sure you are prepared for a colder climate by packing lots of layers. Bring a few sweaters to snuggle up in. If you plan on wearing a dress to a holiday party, bring fleece-lined tights to provide an extra layer of warmth. 

Wear Heavy Outerwear on the Flight 

Overweight bag fees are no joke. Save space in your bag and avoid the extra charge by wearing heavy snow boots, bulky coats, and sweaters for your flight. Taking off your boots to go through security may be tedious, but you’ll be glad to keep your suitcase light. Plus, you won’t have to wait for your bag to cuddle up in your warm winter jacket when you get off the plane. 

Roll Don’t Fold

Folding bulky clothes will quickly fill your suitcase. Bring more outfits, pajamas, and gifts by rolling clothes to save space. Be mindful of what you’ll actually wear on your trip. Pick sweaters and shirts you can mix and match to create multiple looks. If you are spending time with family, you’ll probably be snuggled up in loungewear most days anyways – but have one fancy outfit handy for holiday parties!

If You Pack Gifts, Wrap Them Once You Arrive 

If you decide to pack gifts in your suitcase, check TSA regulations to ensure everything makes it through security without a hitch. While you can technically take wrapped gifts in your carry-on bag, TSA may unwrap them if they have questions after they go through the scanner. Plus, gift wrap could easily tear or puncture when your bag gets jostled on the flight. Wait until you arrive to avoid wrapping gifts twice. 

Order Gifts Online and Have Them Delivered to Your Destination

Avoid the hassle of packing gifts altogether by shopping online this holiday season. If you pack smart, you can avoid checking a bag entirely and pack for your holiday vacation in a small carry-on bag. Have gifts delivered to your parent’s house or the address of a close friend or family member who lives where you’ll be visiting. 

Be Prepared for Winter Fun with an Inflatable Toboggan 

Just because you are flying across the country this holiday season doesn’t mean you and your kids can’t be prepared for winter fun. Pack a compact inflatable toboggan to enjoy the snow with your family. Not only does FUNBOY make unique and trendy sleds, but these toboggans are also small enough to fit in your suitcase for all your winter adventures. 

Use Vaccum Seal for Bulky Snow Gear 

If you plan on using inflatable toboggans for sledding, engaging in epic snowball fights, building snowmen, or hitting the slopes to shred some powder – you’ll need to pack snow pants, mittens, scarves, thick socks, and other bulky snow gear. Use a vacuum seal bag to keep everything as compact as possible in your suitcase.

Have Backups In Case Luggage Goes Missing 

No one ever wants to lose their bags – but it happens more often than you might think. Air Travel Consumer Reports published data that revealed about seven in every 1,000 bags are lost. Be prepared in case your bag is one of those seven. Keep essential items in your carry-on bag, including prescription medication and expensive gifts like iPads or jewelry. 

Pack a Little Piece of Home 

Maybe you are going on vacation this holiday season and forgoing making a trip to visit family. Bring a bit of that homey holiday cheer along with you. Pack a tiny tree and a few simple decorations to deck the halls at your rental or hotel. When you wake up on Christmas morning, you’ll still have a place for all your gifts. 

Don’t Forget to Save a Little Space In Your Suitcase 

Avoid overpacking your suitcase before you leave for your trip this holiday season. Chances are you’ll receive gifts from family and friends. Pack smart and have extra space in your suitcase to pack these new items for your return trip. Use sweaters to wrap up fragile items, stuff your shoes with socks and underwear to save space, and avoid paying shipping costs to bring your gifts back home with you.  

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