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Offers, Deals, And So Much More For Train Travellers!

High-speed train operator Italo Treno provides a variety of services to passengers traveling throughout Italy. Italo Treno’s modern and comfortable trains make it easy and enjoyable for both domestic and international travelers to travel. We will examine some of Italo Treno’s offers and how they can benefit you in this write-up.

  1. Discounted Tickets

To help passengers save money on their travels, Italo Treno provides a variety of discounted tickets. Individual passengers as well as groups of passengers traveling together can take advantage of these discounts. The organization offers a scope of limits, including advance buy limits, timely riser limits, and off-top limits. By booking ahead of time or going during off-busy times, travelers can set aside to 60% on their tickets.

  1. Family and Friends Offer 

Groups of four or more passengers can save money on their tickets by taking advantage of Italo Treno’s family and friends discount. The discount can be applied to any class of travel and is available to adults and children traveling together. Bookings must be made at least two days in advance to receive the discount, and the tickets must be purchased simultaneously.

  1. Italo Più Loyalty Program 

Italo Treno offers a dependability program called Italo Più that rewards travelers for their reliability. For every euro spent on Italo Treno tickets, program members receive points that can be exchanged for free tickets, upgrades, and other benefits. Additionally, program members receive exclusive discounts and offers, such as early access to sales and discounted tickets.

  1. Italo Gift Card 

Gift cards from Italo Treno can be used to buy tickets or other services from the company. The €25, €50, €100, or €200 gift cards are available for purchase online and come in a variety of denominations. Any Italo Treno ticket or service can be purchased with gift cards, which are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

  1. Business Travel Offer

Business travelers can take advantage of discounts on tickets, reserved seating, and onboard catering from Italo Treno. In addition, the company provides a variety of additional services, such as power outlets, quiet areas, and free Wi-Fi, to make it simple for business travelers to remain connected and productive while on the move.

  1. Group Travel Offer

Discounted tickets, designated seating areas, and onboard catering services are just a few of the services offered by Italo Treno to groups traveling together. Additionally, the company provides services for group booking that make it simple for groups to book tickets together and manage their travel plans.

  1. International Connections Offer

Italo Treno provides international connections to Austria, France, and Switzerland, among other places. To facilitate seamless connections between countries, the company collaborates with other providers of high-speed trains. As a result, it is simple for tourists to visit multiple locations in a single trip. Passengers can save money on their tickets and travel hassle-free by booking international connections through Italo Treno.

  1. Pet Travel Offer

A pet travel service offered by Italo Treno permits passengers to travel with their pets. The service is available for both dogs and cats, but they must be transported in a carrier. Passengers are required to reserve their tickets at least 24 hours in advance because the service is contingent on its availability.

  1. Bike Transport Offer

Italo Treno offers a bike transport service that allows passengers to travel with their bikes. The service is subject to availability, and passengers must book their tickets at least 24 hours in advance. Bikes must be disassembled and placed in a bike bag or box, and a fee is charged for the transport of each bike.

More about the Loyalty Programme

Members of Italo Più earn points for every euro spent on Italo Treno tickets. The number of points earned depends on the class of travel, with higher classes earning more points. Members can redeem their points for free tickets, upgrades, and other benefits. Italo Più has also got three membership tiers: Club, Gold, and Platinum. Members move up through the tiers based on the number of points they earn. Each tier offers progressively more benefits and perks, including exclusive discounts, priority boarding, and dedicated customer service.

Members of Italo Più will also be eligible to receive exclusive discounts on Italo Treno tickets and services, including advance purchase discounts, early bird discounts, and off-peak discounts. Members of Italo Più receive priority boarding and access to dedicated customer service channels. Gold and Platinum members also have access to dedicated lounges in select train stations. Italo Più members can also earn points and benefits through partner programs, including car rental companies, hotels, and airlines. Not only that, but these members receive special offers and promotions throughout the year, including bonus points and exclusive discounts. Check their website to learn more about it.

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