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From Toxic to Healthy Communication: Latamvibe Tips to Avoid Sabotaging Your Connections

In any connection, communication is crucial. However, some people still use communication styles from when they experienced abuse or poor treatment from family members or friends. Most of us carry around these painful memories, expect bad things to happen, and hide the real us for fear of being rejected or judged. Therefore, to build sincere communication, including Latamvibe, most people should improve the effectiveness and accuracy of their communication.

When we talk about toxic behaviors in communication, we don’t always mean insecurities, harmful actions, verbal or physical violence. Toxic communication habits must be addressed in real conversations if you want to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

The healthy communication on Latamvibe or other platforms can be measured by how you interact with your interlocutor. If you ignore what your friend says, act disrespectfully, and try to hurt the other person with your words to get back at them, these are all examples of negative communication practices. You should communicate honestly and openly, discuss your needs, and be fair with your feelings and opinions.

Latamvibe and other chat platforms are designed to help people connect, share ideas, and develop effective communication habits. However, when toxic patterns are present, productive real conversations are difficult.

The 3 most damaging communication tics by Latamvibe that can ruin a friendship:

  1. Speaking on behalf of your counterpart

The distance between you and someone you’ve known for a very long time gets smaller over time. This can lead to you ordering his favorite dish or telling one of his stories. Although you’re showing how well you know and appreciate them, it’s not right to prevent them from speaking for themselves. Also, you aren’t allowing the person you’re connected to discover their growth potential or change their life.

It’s better to allow your friend to make decisions than to constantly order or speak for them, because they might be open to trying something new. They may like americano, but prefer cappuccino for a change. Speaking for someone else in every situation could make you seem manipulative, which can hurt your communication.

  1. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is the practice of questioning a friend’s perception of reality. It’s also one of the most common toxic communication styles that can sabotage your communication.

A good example of gaslighting is when your friend says you’re taking advantage of him or her, but you try to convince him or her that you were just trying to help him or her make better choices. Also gaslighting is when you believe that your point of view is better than the other person’s in some way and that it’s better for the other person if you’re in charge.

Every time your friend brings up a problem, it’s important that you think it through carefully and try to solve it together. In this way, unhealthy communication habits are broken.

  1. Excessive defensiveness

The best thing you can do when your friend brings up an issue or confides in you about something that hurts them is to listen and apologize if you offended them. Let your friend know that you’re thinking about their difficult situation. Being overly defensive and claiming that the problem isn’t your fault at all is the wrong way to respond.

Can you stay away from negative communication styles?

Yes, if you’re willing to think about yourself. Everyone’s life depends on effective communication. Therefore, it’s important to recognize harmful communication patterns and make an effort to avoid them in order to build positive communications. Toxic behavior and poor communication can cause a friendship to end badly.

Are you ready to develop effective communication techniques? Join Latamvibe now to start encouraging real conversations with others!

Notice that this article is not professional advice and shouldn’t be used to treat any conditions.

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