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Bai Chay Bridge: Connecting Halong Bay and Hon Gai in Architectural Splendor

In Quang Ninh Province, Bai Chay Bridge stands tall as the symbolic connection between the breathtaking Halong Bay and Hon Gai City. With its remarkable design, the bridge has become a popular tourist destination in Vietnam. It attracts travelers from all corners of the world. This architectural wonder not only unites two distinct locations but also serves as a symbolic representation of progress. Embark on a journey to witness the grandeur of Bai Chay Bridge and explore the harmonious convergence of scenic beauty and urban vibrancy.

Location of Bai Chay Bridge

Bai Chay Bridge Vietnam spans the shimmering waters, providing an essential link between two significant locations in Quang Ninh province. Situated in northeastern Vietnam, Halong Bay is renowned for its stunning limestone karsts and picturesque landscapes. And Hon Gai City is a bustling urban center that serves as a gateway to the bay.


The bridge is strategically positioned to allow travelers to experience the best of both worlds. On one side, visitors can explore the natural wonders and tranquility of Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the other hand, they can indulge in the vibrant culture and city life of Hon Gai.

Architectural Design and Features

Bai Chay Bridge Vietnam is one of Vietnam’s most renowned bridges. It showcases a remarkable cable-stayed design, reinforced concrete box beams prestressed, and towering on a sturdy pneumatic caisson foundation system. The construction employed the balanced cantilever technology. This allows the bridge beams to gracefully extend towards the sea, connecting the two cantilever wings at the main pier towering 50 meters high. This innovative approach ensured that vessel traffic could continue unhindered during the construction process.


Stretching across a total length of 903 meters and a width of 25.3 meters, Bai Chay Bridge features six traffic lanes. It included four dedicated to motorized vehicles, one for rudimentary vehicles, and another for pedestrians. To access the bridge, travelers follow a 5-kilometer two-level urban road, supported by eight approach bridges, with a total length of 1,172 kilometers.

Bai Chay’s Endless Charm

Impressively, Bai Chay Bridge is engineered to withstand earthquakes up to a 7-level intensity, making it a reliable and resilient structure. For visitors to Halong Bay, exploring the awe-inspiring Bai Chay Bridge is an unforgettable experience. They can unveil the region’s engineering marvel and offer captivating views of the surrounding landscape.


The bridge’s design not only caters to its functional purpose of connecting two areas but also serves as a symbol of unity and progress for the region. The sleek and contemporary aesthetics blend harmoniously with the natural beauty of Halong Bay.

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The beauty of Bai Chay Bridge

Bai Chay Bridge boasts breathtaking views from all angles. The clear waters below reflect the bridge’s silhouette, creating picture-perfect moments for visitors and photographers alike.


The best time to admire the bridge’s beauty is during sunrise and sunset. As the sun’s rays cast a glow over the bay, the bridge becomes an appreciation for the wonders of nature.

To witness the bridges, travelers can experience the Paradise Delight cruise. Guests can admire the bridge’s cable-stayed structure while gliding gently through. In addition, they also enjoy the fusion of architectural brilliance with breathtaking landscape on a cruise trip. Whether seen during the hours of sunrise and sunset or under illumination at night, the bridge captivates all who behold it.


The beauty of Bai Chay Bridge is an awe-inspiring sight that leaves visitors spellbound. It captured their hearts with its modern architectural design. The construction utilized balanced cantilever technology. It is a striking feat of human ingenuity that harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. A trip to this architecture promises an unforgettable experience creating cherished memories for travelers. 

Admire the beauty of the Bai Chay Bridge aboard the Paradise Delight

To truly experience the Bai Chay Bridge, embark on a journey aboard the luxurious Paradise Delight Cruise. The cruise offers an exclusive vantage point from which to appreciate the bridge’s splendor. Visitors can enjoy the comfort and hospitality of the crew.

Paradise Delight Cruise s

Paradise Delight is considered the largest fine-dining cruise to sail the stunning Ha Long Bay, with an incredible capacity of 360 seats. Imbued with a luxury restaurant hugged by transparent curved glass, fabulous food, and a never-before-seen spectacle show from renowned director Hoang Nhat Nam, Paradise Delight offers the most indulgent and comprehensive Ha Long Bay dining experience. 


With two exquisite restaurants, a combined capacity of 360 passengers, and spanning across four decks, the experience awaits aboard this remarkable cruise. The facilities are designed to cater to every need and desire:


  • The La Rosa Terrace deck accommodates 40 passengers, providing an intimate and serene setting.
  • On the El Girasol Sundeck, up to 100 passengers can relish the sun and sea breeze in style.
  • Culinary delights await at the El Loto Buffet Restaurant, with a capacity for 200 guests, while the El Jazmin Set menu Restaurant offers an exclusive dining experience for 100 patrons.
  • Families will find joy at the La La Land Kid Club, a dedicated space for young explorers.

Setting a new standard, the cruise presents the pioneering spectacle “Choreography of the Sea”, an exclusive performance staged entirely aboard the ship.


As the Paradise Delight Cruise glides through the waters, passengers can witness the stunning landscape of Halong Bay and Hon Gai City from the open deck. The cruise allows visitors to capture photos of Bai Chay Bridge and its surroundings. It creates lasting memories of this remarkable destination.

The beauty of Bai Chay Bridge becomes an integral part of your journey’s narrative. Uniting Halong Bay and Hon Gai City, this bridge becomes an emblem of harmony between man and nature.


In short, you enjoy this extraordinary voyage aboard the Paradise Delight. Let the allure of Bai Chay Bridge leave an indelible mark on your mind. It’s an experience that will yearn for you to be captivated by the beauty of Bai Chay Bridge.

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In conclusion, Bai Chay Bridge stands as a testament to Vietnam’s progress and modernity. It seamlessly connects Halong Bay’s natural wonders with Hon Gai City’s bustling energy. Its architectural brilliance and strategic location make it an iconic symbol. It is also a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the beauty of Quang Ninh province. So, come and witness the splendor of Bai Chay Bridge and experience the magic of Halong Bay and Hon Gai like never before.


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