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Do you work home? Are you getting distracted by your environment? Grab a pen and take notes on these secret tips to improve your productivity!

6 Secret Tips to Make Your Meetings More Productive While You Work From Home

The covid-19 pandemic has left millions homeless and jobless. The worse of all is constantly living under the pressure of the emergence of any new strain. The recent Omicron variant has again confined people globally inside their houses. 

Businesses are now thriving with the help of digital remote meeting software. Many organizations spread globally have issued SOPs on effectively using the meetings, but still many face issues related to online meetings and their functioning. 

If you are one of these people, this article will surely help you out. Below are some tips you can read to make your meetings more productive and efficient.

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1. Using collaborative software

The key to success lies in the choices we make. One such choice is choosing the right software. The only point to consider here is selecting one from WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, and Skype for Business. Any software you choose must have a “hand raise” feature while keeping every participant on the same page.

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2. Spread your meeting agenda

Bringing people under one roof requires much effort. In the same way, getting everyone for an online meeting requires the same amount of effort. The best way to enforce it is to spread your agenda and what responsibilities you expect from every team member. This way, they would be mentally prepared for the meeting and fully focus on it.

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3. Be an Icebreaker

The most effective way to build an optimum atmosphere right at the beginning is by being the icebreaker. One could be the icebreaker by answering the most difficult questions, trivia, or saying something casual to lighten the mood. Something of mutual interest can be shared with everyone to make things better.

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4. Give the time required to introduce everyone

An introductory session is one of the most effective tricks to make everyone stress-free. Start with projecting pictures of every member in the meeting right before his introduction, which will eventually help everyone in the meeting better relate and connect with the people and increase the active indulgence.

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5. Don’t make lengthy speeches 

Usually, small talks let people feel more connected as they act as a mental break to ease members in whole seating. If you make long speeches, the meeting will tend out to be boring, and the participants will lose interest.

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6. Use Decision Meeting Feedback Score

You can learn about the meeting feedback score by Decisions in this regard. It can be described as an effective tool that allows the user to rate the overall effectiveness of the meeting.  

Interestingly it also records the comments throughout to arrive at a better conclusion at the end. This could be done directly in the meeting, not after the meeting. Therefore, you can now work on your mistakes and ensure that you have better meetings in the future.

Online meetings have become highly precious for business leaders as these help employees stay connected.You can host an efficient meeting and get your work done easily with proper tools and tips. 

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