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What To Sell At A Convention? Ultimate Guideline

Have you ever heard about conventions and the particular things that you can sell at a convention? They are listed among the most efficient and excellent platforms where you can showcase and sell your customised art products. Conventions provide a great platform for creators and artists to engage with their audience by showing them their products. 


These products range from custom design merchandise and personalised prints to handmade unique creations. Keeping this interesting topic in mind we are going to discuss a great range of custom art products like custom acrylic keychain, body pillows, stickers and acrylic charms etc that a person can sell at a convention successfully.

Why Is Personalization Necessary?

Personalisation is necessary to enhance the user experience. Now you can get a thing according to your preferences, interests, or needs and get your thoughts tailored. When your thing is customized it becomes more specific about the personalization of the object and enhances a more satisfying experience to the customer.


Customers always feel valued because of the customized product and hence automatically give better customer satisfaction. Most of the customers appreciate the effort of the companies with their personalized products. When a product is personalized it causes more engagement between customers and the companies hence the interest remains constant.

What To Sell At Convention?

Here is the list of customized products that you can sell at a convention. These products will make your selling experience the best and everyone will gonna like them.  

  • Custom Acrylic Keychains

Custom keychains attract many people and they use it as one of its accessories for daily use. It also gives a visual effect to your personality. Custom keychains can carry the brand’s logo which attracts people and people will buy them for their use which promotes their business. It is one of the wide use things used for promoting brands.


Hence, they are the best product to be sold at a convention. For making things more attractive we widely use custom keychains which give visual appeal to it. Custom keychains can be equipped with keys, bags, anything equipped with a zip, and many more. As these keychains are manufactured using acrylic hands and are considered versatile as well as durable. 


You can have an acrylic keychain in different sizes, shapes, designs, and even colours. Transparency is the most affected benefit of acrylic keychains that lets you enjoy the inclusion of vibrant patterns, images, and colours. The most amazing fact is that you can even create your desired acrylic keychain just by following some steps. You can structure the keychain just like the image in your brain.  

  • Custom Body Pillow

A custom body pillow is an amazing accessory for a bed which is specially tailored to provide you exceptional relaxation because of its amazing shape and texture. The contour of the pillow is just according to the body shape of the individual so that it is opposite to the ordinary pillows in the market. Hence, it’s the best choice for you to sell at a convention. 


These pillows accommodate versatile sleeping positions hence even if you are back sleepers, side sleepers, or pregnant women you can get facilitated here. With its shape the pillow can easily provide support along with the alignment hence you can prefer any sleeping posture without any hindrance.


Just an addition of a pillow to your bed accessories will provide you with a blissful night. Custom body pillows come with complete variety and customisation hence your nights would be just according to your taste.

  • Custom Washi Tape 

Custom washi tape has recently gained marvellous popularity because of its aesthetic appeal as well as the amazing designs that can be created with it. Unlike other tapes, washi tape comes up from natural fibres like bamboo or rice paper. These tapes are lightweight, easy to tear, and flexible in their usage at any corner of the decoration. 


It has amazing features in which you can make vibrant patterns and designs as well as colour decorations from it to express your creativity in a very versatile manner. No matter if you are working on handmade illustrations, messages, or patterns, that tape will provide you with personalized work on it. Custom washi tape will open up endless possibilities to create a unique kind of art piece.

  • Custom Stickers

Last but not least, custom stickers will be a perfect product for you to sell at a convention. They are not only affordable but also versatile and offer people to express their interests and style. They, along with their endless design possibilities, offer a creative outlet to several designers and artists to engage with their audience. 

Sum Up

It becomes a tricky question that what should a person sell at a convention. The product must have a strong impact on the minds of the audience hence it’s crucial to pay attention to this serious topic before thinking about anything. Selling customized art products like keychains, stickers, charms, body pillows etc will be the best choice. 



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