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Privnote – A Private Note Website For Keeping Your Information Secured

Everyone today in this digitizing world is very concerned about their data privacy. Artificial intelligence has grown to such heights that whatever you search about, the ads are displayed in every app you use. It’s very helpful though, but it is also scary to share sensitive and private information related to your work, family, and friends. That is where private notes applications come into play. Privnote is a free web service, a site on the web which doesn’t need any installation, and allows you to submit completely hidden articles online. 

Unlike the apps which require packages, installation, user registration, and many more processes to use, privnote is hassle-free and simple to use. One has to just navigate through their website to create notes.

How does Privnote Work?

All you have to do is simply type your notes in the text provider of the privnote and then click on create a note. A link is created which can copy and paste this link into any of the regular messaging apps that you wish to send to the person who is supposed to read it. As the person clicks on this link, the message opens in the browser and after its read, it is self-destructive which means once the recipient reads the message, it is deleted automatically.

Privacy Policies Followed By Privnote

Privnote, as the name itself suggests about creating private notes for secured information transfer, privacy is taken very seriously and maintained. It has a privacy policy that helps the customers understand and gain trust on privnote and its secured services. Privnote explains the following aspects of how they work 

  • How do privnote services function?

Privnote offers its services as a web-based solution where users can create private notes using the HTTPS service and create one-time usable, self-destructing URLs or called links. Any mode of communication like email, fax, messenger, etc can be used to send these private notes created in privnotes and as these URLs are auto-deleted; its reliability is on the users to send these links to the correct point of contact.

How is IP address processed?

Privnote doesn’t save or track the IP addresses.IP addresses are only a medium of communication with the privnote server but they do not store any log files of requests coming from which IP addresses. Privacy is the key that privnote adheres to.

  • How the notes and their content are processed?

As soon as the author drafts the text in the note creator and clicks on submit, a link is generated. The decryption of the note is bound to the link itself and this no one, not even privnote has once the link is destroyed as its one-time use, and even privnote cannot access the content.

As per privnote, when a note is received and marked as read from the recipient end, that is the recipient has read, its data is deleted completely from their end on their server and there is no way of retrieving the data.

There is an option, like a timer to set how much time can the privnote be displayed on the recipient end. It’s called “Show options” and when selected, the user can select a time limit after which the note can get deleted automatically , and after that time is expired  the note gets auto-deleted it cannot be re–created or retrieved. The only way possible of retrieving is only during the time limit specified.

The system administration at privnote always tries its best to provide authorized access and avoid any kind of unauthorized access to your notes and if they suspect any tampering activities the note is deleted irrespective of whether it has been read or not. A note is kept for about 1 month with privnote in case of any emergency access needed by its author and if its not retrieved then its deleted permanently

  • Data encryption and decryption facilities

 The encrypted data sent as link to the recipient is decrypted back for easy transmission and readability of data. In any case, the personal data of who the author of the note is, cannot be depicted from the privnote link as it is self-destructing and IP addresses are not stored as mentioned already before.

The decryption of the note’s data is in the hands of the sender and receiver. Privnote itself is not capable of decrypting and reading the data. That is how privacy has been set on the private notes offered by privnote web services.

  • About the data disclosure 

When a person clicks the Privnote’s policy link, they are not responsible for the note’s content. The content of the note should be merely the responsibility of the author drafting it. The content is not shared with anyone for any purposes and the privacy policy doesn’t encourage such activities

  • Age limit

Privnote has a legal age restriction to use the website. Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the website and an age verification check is put on the website before accessing it. Kids under 16 may tend to misuse the features of privnote and may put themselves into compromising situations that’s why age regulations are set.

How Are Cookies Used?

Privnote also uses cookies just like other websites to store your preferences and how you want the website to interact with the content and services as per your interest in improving the user experience. Privnote uses cookies for solely the best use of its website and doesn’t include any unnecessary promotions.

 It allows Functional cookies and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies help in setting the preferred language to type the notes and maintain automatic deletion while non-functional cookies are placed by third parties to advertise their services within other services using the service as a system (saas) technology. These cookies seem to cause a hindrance to data privacy but promise to not use any personal data. However, privnote doesn’t encourage non-functional cookies to be embedded in their website as it assures complete privacy.

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