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Tips to Buy Your First Custom Body Pillow

One of the things that you can observe in households today are Dakimakura body pillows. A custom body pillow can be made out of many fabrics and offer various benefits. They are ideal for providing comfort, relieving stiff back, and decorating empty spaces. Moreover, they are highly customizable, which means they suit the tastes of almost everyone. You can find large Dakimakura pillows featuring custom artwork of famous Anime characters. Get them printed with your own ideas and photos, and bring some fun into your bedroom. Here are some helpful tips for those buying Dakimakura custom body pillows for the first time. 

  1. Determine an Appropriate Size

Learning about the different sizes of these pillows will help you buy the right-sized product. They are generally available in three major sizes. If you want a smaller size or a pillow for decorative purposes, go for those in 100 x 35 cm dimensions. 

But if you plan to invest in a life-sized body pillow, find those with 150 x 50 cm dimensions. The size that is customizable for body pillow users is 60 x 180 cm. It’s ideal for resting and enhancing the aesthetics of your room.

  1. Pick the Ideal Fabric

A custom body pillow is available in various materials. You must pick one whose material feels the most comforting to you. For example, a peach skin velvet material has a layer of short plush on its surface. This material is firm and warm. 

If you desire pillows in materials that won’t wrinkle easily, go for a 2way tricot. Its surface is smooth, and the material is elastic. Tribute silk is another fine-textured material with a good level of stiffness. It is also resistant to wrinkles and wear. 

Do you want a pillow in bright-colored materials? Choose short plush. It is not only soft but also resistant to abrasion.

  1. Choose a Style That Appeals to You

Dakimakura custom body pillows come in modern and traditional styles. The cover of a modern one resembles a duvet cover. They are lighter and thinner than conventional Dakimakura covers. The traditional ones look like sleeping bags. They have a hole at the top and are made of thick material. If you want a pillow for decorating your room, think about the color. Black and grey Dakimakura covers work well with most decorating styles.

Keep your personal preferences in mind while shopping for a custom body pillow for yourself. 

  1. Settle on an Appropriate Price 

The prices of such a body pillow differ based on the quality of the fabric and the level of customization needed. Today, there are various options for those wanting to buy custom body pillows. 

Many online stores sell such pillows at affordable rates. Compare prices and buy one that is within your budget and is made of quality fabric.

Closing Words 

Buying your first body pillow can seem confusing, but the tips above will help ease your tension. You can explore Vograce for eye-catching and high-quality goods like custom keychains and anime body pillows. Browse through a range of printed merchandise at affordable prices. 

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