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Some Sneaky Tricks To Try Out On Your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

As we all know, there have been huge changes in technological areas over the years. These changes are still in the works, and everything will keep changing. These changes have also helped to make our lives easier and better. Those things that take a lot of time to do nowadays can be done in no time. Technology has saved a lot of time and made us feel so much better at the same time. Especially mobile phones have become part of our lives and make our lives easier. No one can live without their mobile phones, and these are so popular nowadays as well. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the mobile phones that is loved by many people at the same time.

Although we all know that Samsung smartphones are some of the best smartphones, they also have a large fan base. The Galaxy S23 family from Samsung includes top-notch hardware and a wide range of excellent software capabilities. The current One UI 5.1 skin from the company powers the phones, giving users a ton of new customization options. There are so many functions that, unless you delve further into the Settings menu, you might not be aware of them.

video call effect

There are very few people who are not using the effect for clicking pictures and for other things. Everywhere and in most of the apps that are related to the camera, you can find the effects in them for sure. On the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can find the effect in the video call as well, which is quite interesting during the calls as well. It is up to you to enable and turn off the video call effect on the phone. You may utilize a variety of effects on the Galaxy S23 series to enhance video calling even more. You may do things like use a custom background image, blur the background, use auto-framing to keep you in focus, and more. The best part of the functionality is that it does not explicitly require that your video-calling software support these features.

Battery care

If you give proper care to your phone battery, you can definitely make the life of the phone longer than usual. Everything we are able to use in the phone is possible just because this will only help the mobile phone run properly, and if there is no battery in the phone, we are not at all able to use it for sure. The Galaxy S23 series as a whole offers excellent battery life. These phones can easily last more than a day on a single charge due to efficiency improvements and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU.

This also implies that you don’t always need to fully charge the battery on your Galaxy S23. With roughly 70–80 percent of the tank’s juice remaining, it will still last through a typical workday. By keeping your phone’s battery charged to no more than 85%, you can take advantage of the exceptional battery life and extend the life of the cell. 

Bixby Text call

On this phone, you have the handy Bixby text call option for answering phone calls. You can answer an incoming call using the voice assistant with Bixby Text Call. Bixby will translate what the other caller is saying in real time. To reply, type your comments down so that Bixby may read them out to the other person on the line. This is an excellent function, especially if you frequently get spam calls or are busy. This feature is available in some of the languages and in a few of the regions only. This is an amazing feature that will make this phone even more attractive. You will feel the quality of the phone while using it. 

Copy subjects from photos

This is something that is both new and refreshing at the same time. We can’t deny that Samsung has copied one of the best features of the iPhone,which is both amazing and useful at the same time. You can just copy the subject that you want to copy from any of the images, and then you can paste it right where you want to put it. This is so easy to make, and I created some of the creatives as well. The phones perform well across the board, including in terms of battery life, photography, and performance.

They will receive four OS updates and five years of security fixes because they are supported by Samsung’s reliable software update program. You may utilize your Galaxy S23 to its fullest extent when combined with the previously described secret techniques.

This smartphone has literally hit the other phones in the market so well and has also given proper competition to the other brands as well. If you like or are drawn to the features of the phone, you can also investigate it and purchase it. Visit Mobile Phones Direct. Here, you can also find the latest smartphones at amazing prices. You can also find some other categories here as well. 


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