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If you still haven’t joined the SnatchBot revolution, the past year has provided plenty of evidence as to how your business could benefit. Here's how.

Is SnatchBot changing the way businesses operate? Here’s the proof

The shift towards utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in serving customers has raised the bar for industries looking to make it clear they are focused on their clients. These chatbots allow for 24/7 customer service, shorter wait times, and optimized scheduling.

Chatbots have become the new normal, using AI and language programming software to communicate with humans in a way that feels natural. Chatbots can be programmed to give specific responses to specific questions and are at a point where they can hold a legitimate conversation with a client. 

As AI and chatbots become the standard in customer service, CTO of SnatchBot Avi Benezra has created a versatile and accessible platform that stands out. SnatchBot’s intuitive “no coding skills required” design and their ridiculously competitive price point mean that even the smallest of businesses can benefit from AI assistance.

If you still haven’t joined the SnatchBot revolution, the past year has provided plenty of evidence as to how your business could benefit. So many industries have had great success using chatbots like SnatchBot to assist with customer service. Benezra is a business leader in the bot business and often called upon when discussing this side of customer service. 


While it would make sense to incorporate a chatbot into an online booking system, hospitality chatbots can go further than that. Benezra said in an interview a chatbot “can share a lot of information about its service, its special prices, and what people can do for fun in the area.” If a customer is wondering what amenities the hotel has, the chatbot can provide answers.

But some hotels can take it one step further. For those customers who check-in late, chatbots can be the check-in assistant. 

The AI assigns customers their room numbers and dispenses a key for the room, letting the customer come in when they need to. Hotels can even use chatbots for room service. “Guests can chat to the chatbot and completely avoid human interaction. There are no errors in the order, so there’s no frustration.” 


Most people have issues with airlines due to issues outside an airline’s control, whether weather- or airport-related. A service like SnatchBot provides airlines plenty of efficient customer service without having to hire workers.  Customers often complain about wait times when interfacing with airline customer service; SnatchBot alleviates such delays. 

SnatchBot can also be used for booking flights. SnatchBot’s AI keeps track of offers the airline is posting on social media to make sure customers who don’t follow the airline on social media can still find out about new deals. “By freely providing information and answering questions, the bots encourage such people to make their travel bookings through the airline,” said Benezra.


When it comes time to manage your financial documents, it’s so easy to lose or ruin paper documents. Uploading to the cloud makes sense, but sometimes it’s hard to keep your digital files organized. 

SnatchBot helps organize cloud documents for your finance business. If your older employees find trouble learning a new system, Benezra advised that “a chatbot can be programmed to train employees on how to use the company’s various systems.” 

By converting everything to the cloud as well, clients can then access your system to view their documents 24/7, and even sign documents digitally. As Benezra described, “Paperless firms also decrease the billing hours charged to their clients, reducing client costs too.” Lower costs provided by services like Snatchbot will give your business a competitive edge. 


It should come as no surprise, but a chatbot like Snatchbot can help your IT department organize work tickets. Benezra described how “A chatbot is self-serving, meaning that there is no need of human intervention. For many people, self-service is ideal.” Plus, the automated system simplifies the request process for those requiring IT services. 

So many tickets are entered by those with simple requests that the client could fix themselves with some help. 

According to Benezra, “Many people need to learn a new interface or a new system sometimes and they prefer a personalized conversational approach. A chatbot provides that conversational and personalized approach.” A responsive chatbot allows customers to get tech advice without wasting an IT tech’s time. 


Human error is one of the biggest issues in healthcare, and we’re not talking about nurses dispensing the wrong medication. A prescription refill request gets lost, someone’s medical history is documented incorrectly, or someone didn’t write down what treatment was done. 

Thanks to programs like SnatchBot, Benezra noted that “Notifications, prescription refills, and care guidelines can be sent out with alerts saving everyone time and ensuring that these are not forgotten.”

Plus, healthcare can also be scary for some people as they watch a loved one deal with treatment. “Chatbots can be used by patients at all stages starting from pre-patient to post-patient care providing answers to frequently asked questions quickly and efficiently,” explained Benezra, showing how these bots can help crush any fears of patients and their families. 


No, chatbots are not going to replace teachers in the future. But they will help colleges and universities immensely with their admissions process. When students apply to a new school, there’s a million and one questions they need to ask. “Admissions staff can concentrate on helping students that need personalized attention while chatbots can do easier tasks like course registrations, student housing, and other queries,” says Benezra. 

In terms of current students and staff, chatbots such as Snatchbox can play a role in campus-wide communication. “Student queries regarding deadlines, lesson plans and curriculums can be instantly resolved as these are available through the chatbots 24/7 for them to consult.” Chatbots could even be a resource for students to reach out to if they find themselves struggling with classes. 

Programs like SnatchBot are truly changing the game in every field. It’s no wonder Benezra is highly regarded on the topic, as so many companies in a variety of specialties have seen great success with his program.

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