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Propel your career in Blockchain with best blockchain certification courses

The blockchain industry is an emergent industry of today that looks at new trends and developments. As an emerging sector, the blockchain industry supports new career opportunities for IT professionals. Everyone wants a progressive career graph. To improve your career prospects and update your skill set, you need to take up new Blockchain Certification courses. The Blockchain industry projects a high growth rate of 56.3% and a total value of $163.8 billion by the next decade. A career in Blockchain, thus, is a natural leap for professional growth. 

Blockchain Career Possibilities in 2023 

With the leading blockchain certification courses, there are many blockchain job roles that you can take up.  Below are the top 3 career possibilities with rewarding remuneration you can set your eyes on. 

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are in demand for the development of blockchain algorithms and applications. The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course gives you an edge in blockchain development and implementation project. 

Blockchain UX Designer 

If you are a UX designer and want to enhance your career profile, top blockchain certifications make it happen for you. With the incorporation of Blockchain into applications, Blockchain-specific UX design also becomes very important. The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect is the right course to learn blockchain designing capabilities. 

Blockchain Quality Engineer 

Not only the development of Blockchain but the quality testing of Blockchain is also a lucrative career. The blockchain quality engineer runs tests and ensures that the blockchain environment is working properly. A professional course in Certified Blockchain Security Expert provides you with skills for quality monitoring of blockchain algorithms. 

Online Blockchain Certification Courses for Professionals 

If you aim to build a career in Blockchain, the easiest way to start is to take a Blockchain Certification course. There are many online courses that develop blockchain skills for professionals. The certification courses cover many important concepts of Blockchain and allied technologies. The best courses for blockchain certifications are as follows- 

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

The certification course provides you with a deeper understanding of the blockchain ecosystem. At the end of the course, you get a professional certification. If you already have some skills in Blockchain, this is a course that helps you hone them. 

The course teaches you about the implementation and management of different blockchain projects. The course familiarises you with the use cases of Blockchain for practical applications. From trade finance to digital transformation, the course covers many uses of blockchain capabilities. 

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

The certification course allows skill development related to a blockchain architecture solution. If you are keen on blockchain development and application design, this course is for you. The course covers the basic and advanced concepts of Blockchain architecture. This course familiarises you with the back end of blockchain applications. The course tells you about different blockchains in use and the architecture behind them. 

  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert

Blockchain security is an important aspect of applications and uses. Blockchain security is one step ahead of cybersecurity applications. If you plan to develop a blockchain application and want to understand security threats closely, then take this certification course. 

As data security and privacy are very important as application aspects, a blockchain security expert is a great job to do. The skills after you finish the course will help you develop highly secure blockchain applications. In this course, you will learn about threat modeling and blockchain system testing. You will be able to design Enterprise Blockchain platform security with the help of the skills you acquire. 

  • Certified NFT Professional 

A certification course to become an NFT professional is a good choice. The course offers you an understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and NFTs. You can generate self-employment and also work for organizations as certified NFT professionals once you finish the course. The course focuses on the best practices around Non-fungible tokens.

With the help of its concepts, you will be able to buy and sell NFTs for profit. The course covers the fundamentals of tokenization in Blockchain. Apart from the basics of NFTs, the course also has the use cases of NFTs. Even if you have a non-IT background, this course will give your career a good launch.

Bottom Line

These are the best blockchain certifications that set you up as a professional in the industry. Apart from these courses, you can also take other certifications that establish you as a Metaverse Professional and Web 3.0 Professional. Blockchain certifications help blockchain professionals specialize in their careers. The certification courses add value to your professional resume and increase your employability. The constant drive to learn new skills with professional certifications keeps you on top of your blockchain career. 

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