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Is Using Clipping Path to Make Fashion Clothing More Attractive?

Whether it is the work of a top fashion designer or a commercial denim brand, all products will need some sort of marketing campaign. This marketing campaign is needed so that the buyers or potential customers of the products can find the items easily and get interested in buying them. In some situations, product catalogs are being mailed to potential households to boost interest. 

TV advertising and other commercials are very common as well. All these are done to boost product sales. Among all the things that are done to make the product look appealing to the buyers, services of a clipping path company are ones that directly impact the sale of the product.

Why Fashion Designers Will Need Clipping Path On their Designs

A designer designed a product. Garment factories are the ones that manufacture them. Some high-end designers don’t send their designs to mass production facilities. They are made by hand in the tailoring or design shop. No matter how the production or manufacturing process is, all products have one thing in common. They will get photographed, they will be posted on catalogs, published on websites, etc.

Think about how we take pictures of something. If we put a coffee cup on the table or countertop and take a picture of it, the table or counter top will be captured in the image. This is normal for any photography. No matter how good or professional the photographer is and whether it is a wedding photographer or commercial photographer, no one can pick and choose which element to capture in the frame. 

Whatever visible in the lens will be captured. Meaning the background of a product will be captured in the image

To make the product look appealing to buyers and to make it more presentable, backgrounds from the fashion product image will need to be removed. This is done by using the photoshop clipping path process, a clipping path company is hired to perform the job. This is a specialized skilled job and the services of a clipping path company therefore is in high demand.

Fashion Clothing Outcome Once Clipping Path is Done

We see dresses on the websites or catalogs with no backgrounds on them and they perfectly blend with the website or catalog backgrounds. This is the outcome of an edited product image that went through the clipping path editing process. Background is cut out to make the actual object blend into the background where it is published.

Also consider the images we see on brand websites where it looks like someone is wearing the products but in reality there is no one visible. The image has a 3D shape and looks very attractive. This visually appealing image is created using the photoshop clipping path method. In the first step, the desired objects are cut out, then they are blended in to form the ghost mannequin look.

Other Types of Fashion Product Editing

As you can see, a clipping path company performs a wide range of fashion product image editing jobs and their services are highly demanded in the fashion industry. There are other types of fashion product editing as well. In a specific season, a brand owner might design and produce the same garment in five or seven different colors. Picturing and editing each and every single product gets time consuming and costly.

 Photo editing is done to match the colors and the process that is used for this type of job is called color correction.

In this color correction process, one item is pictured and handed over to the photo editing company. They are also given the other desired color cord or images of the colors. A clipping path company edits the images matching each and every single color. It makes perfect sense editing images this way. Not only is it less costly, it saves the brand owner time in photoshoot as well.

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