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NBA cryptocurrency betting guide with a new payment option

If you have been following the basketball betting or what in Hungarian is known as kosárlabda fogadás, you already know that with the change of leaves color, a new basketball season is on the way and we are about to enjoy a great time on the court and also with our wallets.

It is now coming with a new experience as cryptocurrency NBA fogadás is one of the options that seasoned and newbie bettors can use to enjoy their favorite pastime.

Cryptocurrency is quickly making a mark in betting and it’s only a matter of time as analysts predict before it becomes the mainstream payment option. In this article, we cover the selection of the best NBA cryptocurrency sites; explore the fundamentals, and finally the way to go.

Cryptocurrency NBA betting sites

A scan or a search through the internet on the cryptocurrency NBA betting sites will yield a huge list of bookmakers. It can be overwhelming for a bettor who has not had experience with cryptocurrency bookmakers to make a decision.

Luckily, this information is available, and to make it better it can be accessed in a way that a bettor will make a decision quickly and a sound one for that matter.

Mightytips is good at providing credible and reliable information on bookmakers, the site not only gives details on what they offer but also their performance and credibility. Whether one is seasoned or first-time better, the information is adequate to make a sound decision. For bookmakers who offer crypto betting it is important to check on which cryptocurrencies are accepted.

Bitcoin, ether, litecoin are some of the main cryptos, they are easily accessible and many users trust them. While there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market, it is important to select a bookmaker who accepts a majority of these, and if that is not the case at least the main one can be used on the site.

You may be a crypt enthusiast and would like to use cryptocurrency as your payment option, if it is difficult obtaining the crypto which is accepted the experience will not be good. Advice is going for a bookmaker who offers a variety of cryptos especially the main ones, cryptocurrency given the benefits it provides ought to make the process easier not difficult.

It is important to note that the best crypto betting sites are not considered only based on providing options when considering different types of cryptocurrencies. Other factors that make a bookmaker reliable also play out. Select an NBA crypto betting site for its reliability, ease of navigation, bonuses, and other factors too not just because it offers the option of using cryptocurrencies.


One advantage of using cryptocurrency when placing NBA betting is that you do not need any special training; you still make the same wagers. The only difference with crypto betting is that you are using a different type of money; some call it a different currency. The issue may only arise if you are new to NBA betting as understanding the principles of the game may be lacking.

This should also not worry you as this information is readily available; Mightytips has covered this subject thoroughly well in their reviews and analysis. All you need is to refer to the website and get the information. You will note that it is presented easily; there is no use of jargon or terms which a layperson may find hard to understand. Learn the basics and with that knowledge, you are good to go.

You may have heard of the term “the spread”, if not, you will be coming through it often in NBA betting. It refers to wagering where the outcome of an event where the pay-off is based on accuracy rather than a win-lose situation.

Courtesy of the shot clock, you only have 24 seconds to wager, this gives a high scoring chance where the points are spread over both teams. For instance, a game involving teams A and B and has a spread of +19.5/-19.5 indicates that A is the favorite and they need to beat B with at least 19 points for the wager to win.

Moneyline is another term that you will come across in your NBA betting. The bets here are on whom to pick to win the game. Favorites just like in the spread are indicated using a plus sign while the underdog is shown using the minus symbol. In a given game the bookmaker may state the odds at -210 over +250, a $ 200 bet on the underdog offers a payout of 210. On the other hand, one would have to wager $250 on the favorite to only take home $200.

Although NBA cryptocurrency betting has a lot of similarities with traditional currency options it is important to note that there are some differences, some of which may be advantages and others disadvantages.

Some of the differences include:

  • Cryptocurrencies due to their digital nature have no physical bills, this means you have to go a step further and prepare a bookkeeper exchange.
  • There are low transaction fees which is an advantage to the better
  • Privacy and security are at a higher level due to the cryptocurrency being built over blockchain protocol
  • The speed of transactions means faster bets and quick payouts

Once you have set up an account, opened a crypto wallet, and found the right NBA crypto bookmakers start betting and realize the benefits that cryptocurrency betting presents. It will be a whole new experience.

The safety, security, low fee transactions, speed, anonymity among other benefits await. Use these tips to establish your presence in crypto online sports betting, join the tech-savvy bettors who want to reap more while at the same time experiencing a whole new betting environment while using the same old tricks.


kosárlabda fogadás 

new basketball season

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