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IoT and Mobile Apps: Decoding the Connection 2023

There are a few light bulb moments in our lives when we think of things and it gives a broader perspective towards life. Speaking of which, I realized light bulbs changed over the years. From nice little filaments, inventors have gone through different sizes and shapes, gases, etc. They also went through eco-friendly light bulbs a while back and now we have LEDs. 

But, through all of that, they have just remained a single-purpose item – they produce light. And our home is full of these little items that have a single purpose. For example, a speaker that makes a sound, a mixer that grinds things, and a clock that shows us the time. Now, these devices have become, more like us, smart. They have started to reach out into the darkness and become connected by artificial intelligence. 

This is what we call the internet of things and this is going to change our digital lives! We are never going back!

IoT: By People for People and About People

The internet is one of the most important and transformative technologies ever invented. It is like a digital fabric that’s woven into the lives of all of us in one way or the other. People who use the internet (the internet of people) change the world and the IoT that is emerging is changing the world again. However, it is not just about connecting people with people, it is created by people for people and it is all about making people’s life easier by connecting things. Hence, the name Internet of Things (IoT). 

How Does IoT Works in Mobile Apps?

Things can start to share people’s experiences with other things. This might sound unintelligible. But, let me explain. You take ‘things’ and then you add the ability to sense and communicate. There you get the opportunity for mobile apps to interact and collaborate with things.

We, human beings, interact with other people in our environment through our five sense organs. Now, things, with the ability to sense and touch, communicate with us through applications. 

For example, the smart home security apps. If someone sneaks into your house, the sensors blow, and the alarm starts ringing. Here the mobile app, which is connected to the devices is helping us to stay securely at home. Fascinting, isn’t it? This is one of the infinite instances why majority of people today opt for custom application development company (they get what they need).

Senses of Mobile Apps and Relations with IoT

You wouldn’t believe the capacity of mobile app development services. It can locate you; it knows if you are moving if you are traveling, how you are holding the phone, and every activity that you do or speak, it knows what you are doing. It is like a shadow that is gathering all your activities in its storage. To be elaborate, senses of mobile app functions include

  1. How close the phone is to your face?
  2. What are you saying about it?
  3. Where are you?
  4. How fast you are moving?
  5. How you are holding the phone?

These senses give the ideation of apps such as these:

  1. Fitness band – here all you need to do is download the required app and wear the fitness band. Then it will track your steps, your activity, your heart rate, your pulse, and everything. Not only that, but it can also detect how well you slept. And it (this IoT) will communicate with you through the mobile app.
  2. Smart light – download the app, and you can operate the lights. Change the mood, color, and also brightness. The best part is that it can sense if a person is moving and adjust the lighting accordingly. 
  3. Pet collar – you can also get a digital collar for your pet and navigate them wherever. Again, to navigate you need to have the mobile app present on your phone. 
  4. AI vehicles – In case you did not know, planes run automatically. They are self-driving vehicles handled by pilots while landing and taking off. It safely navigates, monitors the air pressure, temperature communicates with the pilot through onboard computers. Another great example would be Tesla. They are efficient self-driving cars. 
  5. Agricultural devices – sensors are used in IoT-based smart cultivating devices to monitor agricultural crops (dryness, UV rays, temperature, soil fertility, and so forth). These sensors enable farmers to remotely use their handheld apps to keep an eye on the condition of their crops.

The Relation Between Mobile Apps and IoT

By now, I guess you got the idea already that the mobile app is the medium through which we can check the activities of smart things, i.e., IoT. It is the vital interface that is connected to the smart device. 

Now let’s come to the real question – why a mobile app and not a desktop software? 

The simple answer is that mobile phones are quite mobile. Imagine taking your desktop with you while jogging, partying, or reading the morning news. But you can take your mobile phone everywhere (even in the washroom, don’t we all read the morning news there?). However, that is not the only reason. Mobile phones have a lot more sensors than a desktop. So, it is more convenient for both the users and developers to choose mobiles instead of a computer. That is the reason why a custom application development company plays a major role in the upgradation of IoT.

Parting Words and a Glimpse of Futuristic IoT

The potential of IoT is limitless when it comes to mobile app development services. We cannot imagine the extent yet. The greater the network agility, the better IoT will perform. Human 4.0 will have the capacity in the future to interact with machines in real-time. Have more real and vivid sensory experiences than we experience in the real world, keeping mobile apps as the mediator. 

It is going to be a part of every company, existing and upcoming. Businesses will get the custom app developed for smarter solutions and reach the houses of individuals. So, whether you like the dominance of the internet of things or not, it is coming and coming in waves. 

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