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HSBC whistleblower accuses David Marchant of OffshoreAlert of unethical journalism

Everett Stern, HSBC whistleblower, former U.S. Senate candidate, CEO, and Intel Director, took to social media to call out David Marchant, the publisher and CEO of Offshore Alert, for what he alleges are dubious media practices.

OffshoreAlert journalist David Marchant under scrutiny for ‘unethical journalism’

In his column, Stern further alleges Marchant of disseminating disinformation and false narratives, targeting individuals and organizations he disapproves of, and resorting to intimidation, extortion, and abuse.

The statement from Everett Stern reads: “Offshore Alert CEO David Marchant has sparked controversy due to alleged dissemination of disinformation & false narratives. Marchant, who poses as a journalist, targets individuals and organizations he disapproves of, resorting to intimidation, extortion, and abuse.”

Everett Stern accuses David Marchant of OffshoreAlert of ‘intimidation, extortion, and abuse’.

This public accusation has stirred up a significant amount of interest and debate regarding the practices of David Marchant and his media outlet, Offshore Alert. Here’s a closer look at the allegations made by Everett Stern and the potential implications for both individuals involved.


Everett Stern is a well-known figure in the world of whistleblowing. He gained national attention for exposing money laundering activities at HSBC and has been a vocal advocate for financial transparency and accountability. He also ran for a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania in the past and has authored a book on his experiences as a whistleblower. His credibility and commitment to exposing financial wrongdoing are widely recognized.

Meanwhile, David Marchant is the CEO of Offshore Alert, a media outlet that focuses on reporting financial misconduct and offshore financial centers’ activities. Offshore Alert is known for its investigative reporting in the offshore finance world and has covered numerous stories related to tax evasion, offshore accounts, and financial misconduct. However, Marchant’s reporting style has also attracted controversy in the past.


In his tweet, Everett Stern alleges that David Marchant has been involved in disseminating disinformation and false narratives. Stern suggests that Marchant, who portrays himself as a journalist, intentionally targets individuals and organizations he disapproves of. Furthermore, Stern claims that Marchant resorts to intimidation, extortion, and abuse in his reporting practices.

These allegations are substantial and point to concerns about the ethical standards upheld by Offshore Alert and its CEO, David Marchant. While Offshore Alert has been credited with uncovering numerous cases of financial wrongdoing, the accusations by Stern cast a shadow over its credibility and reporting methods.

Potential implications

Stern’s tweet has already garnered attention in various circles, with many individuals in the financial and media sectors closely following the developments. The implications of these allegations could be significant for both Everett Stern and David Marchant.

For Stern, this public call-out may further establish his reputation as a whistleblower and advocate for financial transparency. It might also draw attention to the broader issue of ethical standards within the financial journalism and investigative reporting realm.

On the other hand, David Marchant and Offshore Alert could face further scrutiny regarding their reporting practices and ethics. The allegations made by Stern raise important questions about the integrity of their investigative journalism and the potential impact on individuals and organizations named in their reports.

It’s essential to note that these are allegations at this stage, and a thorough investigation, as well as potential responses from David Marchant and Offshore Alert, will be necessary to determine the veracity of Stern’s claims.

The accusations against David Marchant and OffshoreAlert of unethical media practices have ignited a public debate about the integrity of financial investigative journalism.

As the story unfolds, it will be interesting to see whether these allegations will result in meaningful changes within the industry or provoke a response from those involved.

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