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How to send a transfer to another country in a few minutes?

Instant transfers are practical, convenient, and fast. While looking at a proven service that performs such services, you can notice a lot of other advantages. It is quite easy to understand everything because all the important nuances are described on the site, and the managers, who consult for free by phone or e-mail, act as an assistant.

Keep up with the technology and opportunities that will make life easier. Don’t waste your time with banks, but use the card to card transfer online, which requires only a few clicks. Let’s talk in detail about how it happens and what nuances it will be useful to know.

More about instant online transfers

The main feature of instant transfers is that they occur in real-time. The working principle can be compared to sending emails. The money is credited with almost the same speed and, on average, the transfer takes no more than 2 minutes, which is very convenient. The difference between bank transfers and instant online transactions is the processing time. In banking institutions, it can take up to 5 days. And if the transfer is sent abroad, the client is guaranteed to have to wait. In the case of instant transfers, such inconveniences do not appear.

You can send a money transfer using the online service:

  • relatives, partners, and acquaintances from other countries;
  • to a man from his own country;
  • to another card.

What’s convenient is that there are no restrictions on recipients other than the location. Before you use instant transfer services, check which countries you can do it with. The list is publicly available on the official website. Also, familiarize yourself with the different rates on which the breadth of service depends. The higher the level of service, the more money you can transfer. Decide on the amount of money you want to transfer and choose the most suitable option. It is worth noting that each tariff requires the entry of certain documents. They are required by law for security purposes, so upload them to the website. Data security is guaranteed, as all necessary measures to protect the site from fraudulent actions are applied.


If you value your time and security, then online transfers are definitely for you. You get a high level of service, prompt customer support, and minimal fees that are not even noticed. The user can transfer both small and large amounts and the commission will not differ.

If you want to choose a decent service, pay attention to all the factors that matter to you. It does not just commission, but also general terms and conditions. Don’t forget about legality as well, because such sites must be governed by a certain jurisdiction. There is no need to rush at any stage, regardless of whether you choose a service for instant transfers, or fill out all the necessary data for the transfer. You already save a lot of time by using instant transfer.

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