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How Nextras Electronic Roster System Can Optimise Clinical Safety Measures

In the healthcare industry, clinical safety is of utmost importance. Any errors, no matter how small, can lead to severe consequences for patients. For this reason, having an efficient and productive workforce is a necessity. One of the most critical aspects of a successful healthcare organisation is an optimised roster system. That’s where Nextras Electronic Roster System comes in. The Electronic Roster system can help healthcare organisations with operational optimisation across a range of clinical safety measures. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Nextras Electronic Roster System can provide a complete set of functionalities that can help strengthen the clinical safety measures of a healthcare organisation.

The Electronic Roster solution offers a vast range of functionalities that can help healthcare organisations increase cost-saving activities and operational productivity. The system provides the complete set of functionalities defined by NHSE, allowing organised delivery of efficient healthcare processes. This includes skill-mix and competency assurance of staffing, job planning, and temporary staffing. The Electronic Roster System supports end-to-end automated processes, allowing access to current and real-time information. This, in turn, helps managers make informed decisions regarding staffing and patient care.

Nextras Electronic Roster solution also considers the future and future-proofs the system. It is compliant with NHSE’s Software Requirements Specification and Interoperability Agenda and is in line with NHSE’s Workforce Deployment Systems Initiative. This means your organisation can work through the Levels of Achievement seamlessly. The Electronic Roster system will upgrade itself over time to keep up with any new regulations, leaving no room for errors.

The Electronic Roster System’s tracking feature provides healthcare organisations with access to up-to-date information on staff allocation and job assignment to ensure effective operational processes. It also allows healthcare professionals to ensure staff has the necessary competency and skill set for those assignments, further enhancing clinical safety measures. This feature also provides managers with real-time tracking of shift hours, overtime, budget allocation, and much more, allowing them to make informed decisions.

In addition to the above functionalities, the Electronic Roster System enhances communication within the healthcare organisation. Staff members can access the system from anywhere, allowing for easy accessibility and improved sharing of information. This level of communication enhances the flow of critical information within the healthcare organisation, allowing for streamlined and productive teamwork that results in a more efficient workforce.

Nextras Electronic Roster System provides a comprehensive solution for healthcare organisations to optimise clinical safety measures. The Electronic Roster System’s functionalities allow for end-to-end automated processes, future-proofing, communication enhancements, and tracking features. All these functionalities work together to create an optimised operational workflow, ultimately enhancing clinical safety measures and leading to better patient care. With Nextras Electronic Roster System, healthcare organisations can increase productivity, reduce the risk of errors, and focus on what they do best – providing efficient and effective patient care.

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