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It is fair to say that Bitcoin has emerged as a new norm, and the new world order is acting as a new economy. See how Bitcoin challenges the old standard.

How BTC Challenges the World Order?

In 2020, we first heard about the Nigerian government shutting down the bank account of a feminist coalition group. The coalition seemed responsible for helping the release of some specific End SARS movement protestors. Soon after this incident, we saw another collaboration talking about accepting Bitcoin, and it worked like a free and decentralized option. The movement then shut down the constant brutal activities, and much more illegal detainment has been seen among the young people and complete reform as seen in the institution. Their feminist collaboration was seen working fine, and we barely saw any fore leader in it. The movement seen coming along with the BTC movement seemed to help people bring close to the coin. However, many other groups discouraged the idea of using BTC and other coins. You can further explore the important points of whether Bitcoin is legal currency while having an overview of the same in the following paragraphs here.

The Bitcoin Movement 

The way Bitcoin has prospered in the recent past has increased the crowning moment for BTC and many more young people found in the nation. Days and months after the protest came, the government was kneeling before them to allow people to use Bitcoin and other digital coins. It soon got people’s attention, and now one can see them using it without hassle or fear. We can see one of the examples of how a software engineer from a top technology company based in Arizona dealt with several challenges, and it did bring the option to send out money to many more families based in Nigeria. When the software programmer was able to find out how BTC and his family could send it across, many more people were getting away from the bank and overjoyed about it. 

How can Bitcoin solve this problem?

In 2020, we saw Nigeria-based importers start using Bitcoin as their payment option for paying for many goods from China, which remained its crucial exporter. They also shared their great appreciation for their stance of paying in Bitcoin. In addition, many more Nigerian freelancers and business people were seen releasing Bitcoin to act as a means to bypass too many hurdles of any global level trade issues, including bank transaction limits along with many more border payment limitations. You will find all such stories regarding Bitcoin coming into the mainstream media. However, many more traditional media are now acting awkwardly regarding innovations and other things.

These are controlled by the same people who are not very afraid regarding BTC. They are ready to take away their jobs and keep the intermediaries, and other centralized authorizes. The only essential thing that comes to your mind while telling the audience is a myth surrounding Bitcoin and fake money to avoid cyber crooks and other people. All these are misinformed with the stories that can help the top subscribers to the next level. It helps connect the media and people to feed in the public domain when discussing how Bitcoin is offered to different people. The coin has little to offer regarding privacy in the digital trading market as many transactions are recorded correctly. We can call this to be a freedom.

Bitcoin can rewrite history. 

Bitcoin as a digital currency has the potential of rewriting history with the help of rewriting rules of finance and the economy’s rules. Many people think that Bitcoin can work well and in a big way, including digital coins. It can help add the super code with the help of creating the same. However, Bitcoin is not just any currency but also an institution on its own, and one can find Bitcoin to be an ideology that comes up with the movement of truth. It can even help add the movement that can further create things to work as economic pain. These people live with the consideration, and one can even find the rebirth of Bitcoin that can work like a rebirth of things like decentralization. Thus, it is fair to say that Bitcoin has emerged as a new norm, and the new world order is acting as a new economy. It helps in emerging as a new world order. In a nutshell, it defies the new world order to emerge as a revolution.

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