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Bringing Crystal-Clear Picture and Sound to Your Home

It goes without saying: when you watch tv, you want your sound quality to be crisp and your reception crystal clear. Quality visuals and audio help craft the ultimate viewing experience and let you become fully immersed in the show, movie, or game before you.

An elevated auditory experience will keep you on tenterhooks during the peak of a spine tingling horror film, and a screen with exceptional clarity means you won’t miss a single, faster-than-light move during a live sports game. 

Whatever your viewing preference, you might be wondering how you can heighten your viewing experience further. This goes for streaming channels, cable networks and satellite tv — yes, with a satellite dish you can now get top-quality reception as signals are compressed to transmit more data with zero consequence to speed.

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some ways to bring crystal-clear picture and sound to your home.

Consider Your TV Quality

First, whatever your television service provider, your viewing clarity is only as good as your television screen. While having a large screen can greatly improve your viewing experience, keep the cost of a new screen within budget and consider your room size.

Think About Pixels

If the sky is the limit for space and you have a large budget, a television with a resolution of 8K will offer you the absolute best picture quality. Otherwise, a 4K TV is also incredible. Televisions with a 4K resolution have four times the number of pixels as the average 1080-pixel screen — considerably boosting your viewing quality.

Research Backlighting

If you want to splurge, a screen with Mini-LED backlighting is the way to go. Micro-LEDs with built-in backlighting allows colours to contrast on a deeper and brighter level. 

For a more modest investment, Mini-LED technology is becoming more prevalent in mid-range sets. Here, LEDs are arranged across the back of the panel. These sets have great colour contrast and better colour saturation.

Opt for Surround Sound

If you truly want crystal-clear sound that makes an impact, surround sound is the way to go. Surround sound uses multiple speakers and different audio channels to give you a deep and layered audio experience. Now, the number of speakers you opt for will depend on the size of your room, but the most common surround sound set-up involves the 5:1 ratio.

That involves a total of six audio channels. Five of them are full-range speakers, designed to be placed in different areas of the room — generally three to the front and two behind —and the finals peaker is a subwoofer which provides the deep bass.

Check Your Audio Settings

All too often it’s hard to hear dialogue over music during our favourite television shows. Check the equalizer on your audio settings. Low numbers generally represent the bass, and high numbers represent the treble. Try turning down the bass and turning up the treble if you’re having issues with dialogue.

On the other hand, if you want the rumble of an impending villain to resonate, bump up the bass.

The Takeaway

Regardless of your budget, you can still bring crystal-clear picture and sound to your home — providing you and your family the ultimate viewing experience and the best movie nights moving forward.


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