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Top movies to watch to learn more about the blockchain technology

Movies are something that is part of many people’s lives. Sitting down in the evening by your TV and turning on a movie in the company of friends and family members is something that not many can say no to. But movies, especially nowadays, are not something that can only be watched for enjoyment and entertainment. Movies have evolved and nowadays, a lot can be learned from them. This can be especially true when it comes to blockchain technology, as most people who wish to learn about the basics of blockchain, can watch specific movies centered around blockchain technology, and avoid the process of reading many different resources online. Because of this, below we will present you with the best movies to watch to learn more about blockchain technology.

Open Source Money

Open Source Money is a documentary series based on crypto and blockchain technology. On top of being a crypto movie, it was also funded through the crypto space by different investors. This is a documentary series that follows American Joe Roets, and his US-based blockchain technology Dragonchain. The series takes place in 2017 and follows how Joe Roets along with other blockchain enthusiasts tries to introduce the US to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This series is filled with different challenges and obstacles these people have faced from the US government and SEC. It has become somewhat of an inspiration for many different projects, with companies such as Bitcoineer being inspired by this show.

Life on Bitcoin

Have you wondered what it is like living life on just Bitcoin? Life on Bitcoin looks at exactly that by conducting a real-life experiment. The movie follows Austin and Beccy Craig, a newly-wed couple fresh off their honeymoon, who try to live their life just solely on Bitcoin. This movie takes a look at how blockchain technologies work in real-life environments and how can they be adopted into everyday life. The movie takes place in 2014 when blockchain was still in its early development, and by watching this movie, viewers can learn how the basics of blockchain and bitcoin work. Watching this movie is a must, as viewers, on top of learning the basics of blockchain, can learn how bitcoin was implemented in the early stages of its development and compare it to the current state of this technology and see how far we have come.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet

Released in 2020, Cryptopia is a movie that follows the development of blockchain technology and its crown jewel Bitcoin. Bitcoin and the whole blockchain have become the next revolutionary breakthrough innovation of the 21st century and this movie takes us through everything. This movie takes a look at both sides of the spectrum, by talking about how innovative this new technology is, but also talks about how volatile this new space is. There is big misinformation about Bitcoin and blockchain on the internet and a big number of people are still unfamiliar with this new space. Cryptopia talks about what potential this technology has, with Web 3.0 being a primary focus. This is a documentary-style movie where the director has interviewed many different hackers, developers, and businessmen. You will be watching people such as Andreas Antonopoulos, Vitalik Buterin, Samson Mow, Roger Ver, Charlie Lee, and many other pioneers talking about Blockchain and what possibilities it has. These interviews have been recorded over multiple years, and a big number of people featured in this movie are now working on different projects in the blockchain realm, while some have broken their promises and have distanced themselves from this developing space. After watching this movie, viewers will learn about blockchain technology in-depth, and by the end of the movie, they will need to answer one question. Will they trust these people to build a brilliant, equal, and decentralized future as they promise they will do?

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