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AZGARTY: The earn-as-you-go app for side hustlers

Use your phone while earning $750 or more in supplemental income with the Azgarty app.
We are hooked on our smartphones.
Almost three out of four of us (71%) check our phones within 10 minutes of waking up. If we are on our expensive phones most of the day, do we really get anything in return?
Well, Azgarty has released an app with an amazing game that enables users to do just that.

Azgarty app is a rewards-based and absolutely legit app. It provides many opportunities to earn money inside the app that you’ll be able to withdraw via PayPal, Payoneer, Unistream, and other payment options. This company does everything to allow making income inside the app easier and faster!
Azgarty has a 4.9 rating and it is available in over 70 countries on Google Play, and it’s continually expanding.
So now it’s time to explore all methods to earn money inside the app.

Participate in tournaments.
Azgarty Team holds tournaments and game challenges every week and every month, and all you need – just play a game as much as you want, complete game tasks, and become a leader. For example, in Christmas Challenge 10 winners collected Christmas candies in the gameplay and received $5700 as a prize!

Become an Azgarty influencer.
Azgarty loves rewarding people around the world for just posting social media videos and promoting apps on Tik-Tok, Instagram, or YouTube. Azgarty Influencers earn
10%-20% commission from every invite. Moreover, for reaching 10000 invites every Influencer gets a guaranteed prize. Also, Azgarty provides valuable information in a Social Media Guide and on its Instagram page to help people to start earning as soon as possible.
Same as with tournament rewards cashout methods, everyone can easily get their Influencer earnings just by clicking Receive, and you will get the whole amount of money to your bank account no matter where users live because there are 6 different redemption ways.

Participate in Social Media Challenges. All you need is to be creative! Azgarty holds Challenges every two weeks, rewarding creators of unique video ideas about the app and their experience and achievements. The winner’s choice is highly transparent – users vote on social networks for the best video.
Don’t get left behind when your rewards are just a few clicks away!
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