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Automated testing tools are important. Here are some tips on how to find the best codeless testing tools on the market.

Top 9 codeless automation testing tools

Codeless test automation is a priority for the agile and DevOp teams for outmaneuvering existing test automation technologies. It pairs businesses with customers by having test teams to solve existing test automation problems.

As testing becomes a critical aspect of the SDLC as a whole, an organizational role, and a duty, Testing teams and companies should re-evaluate their test automation tools and pair them with codeless automation.

We’re highlighting some codeless test automation tools that help testers get done faster and more efficiently on their path.


AccelQ is an AI-powered codeless test automation platform that controls all boxes to serve its purpose as a perfect solution. AccelQ simplifies the web, laptop, mainframes, and other software with limited time and effort to speed up the test cycle. 

AccelQ draws particular attention to testing and the efficiency of agile testing teams for their natural language programming.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio will take the next spot on our chart. It is the 2020 Customer Option in software test automation. The Katalon is a standard option for its wide variety of test functionality across APIs, Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications. Katalon Studio techniques are simple for beginners and professional testers.


Testim is an end-to-end AI-based test platform. It addresses the two most pressing research problems—slow authoring and unreliable tests due to rapid launches, UI adjustments, and other variables. 

Dynamic and Smart Locators catch updates to the Application Under Evaluation (AUT) to create and run tests automatically. Testim uses the capabilities of Machine Learning to test, implement, and manage code authors or testers.

Cloud QA

With the increase in cloud adoption, agile teams are searching for complete cloud-based testing solutions. The platform promises to be something more than a record and replay tool and offers an interactive end-to-end testing experience. Built-in monitoring tools quickly generate which schedule regression test suite and design, build, manage and run tests.


The Tricentis Tosca MBTA (Model-Based Test Automation) is a standard method for continuous codeless testing. It supports the whole life-cycle of the research project. 

TOSCA offers an integrated unit safety net, framework incorporation, test management functionality to allow testers to wrap up testing with continued development iterations.


Perfecto is another leading online and smartphone testing tool. It is a cloud-based automation solution with various compatible platforms, browsers, and OS configurations for checking both smartphone and desktop applications. Perfecto has AI functionality for error classification, self-curing features to upgrade test scripts and run them with minimal maintenance.

Curiosity Software

Curiosity Software provides an open-testing approach with optimized test modelers and test data automation. This software gives research teams the ability to combine it with any test automation platform of their choosing, and Curiosity Software automatically generates test results.


Leap work is another cloud-based, codeless test automation platform that supports various applications such as Web, Windows, SAP, and more. 

Automation is the foundation of Leapwork and has gotten applied with default libraries and predefined foundations, helping organizations save time and increase efficiency.


Rapise is known to be the next-generation platform that leverages the strength of open access and expandable architecture. As with several other software, it supports a wide range of applications such as online, tablet, laptop, and APIs. 

With the recording and editing capabilities, testers can log and update samples with an easy-to-use spreadsheet-based editor. The easy-to-use editor helps testers to modify and perform the test.


There’s no magic bullet to choose the best software for your codeless test automation, and there’s no one tool that fits any team.

Although there are advanced tools and technologies available for codeless test automation, nothing will replace the appropriate team culture and on-the-spot execution approach.

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