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AudienceGain reviews: Can we trust Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is a digital platform that allows customers to leave reviews after purchasing a product or service or contacting customer support from a company. Customers rate the company on a scale of one to five stars and add comments about their experience. But should we really trust the reports on this website? Let’s analyze AudienceGain reviews to clarify this issue.

What is Trustpilot and how can it work?

About Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a Denmark startup founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Peter Holten Mühlmann. Its purpose is to create a grading system for shops and service providers that would assist potential customers in making better purchasing decisions while also allowing businesses to improve their customer experience. As of September 2021, it had amassed more than 120 million reviews from more than 529,000 businesses, making it one of the world’s largest online review services. 

Trustpilot is headquartered in Copenhagen and has offices in London, Edinburgh, Scotland, New York, Denver, Melbourne, Australia, Berlin, and Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital. According to Reuters, the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in March 2021, with an initial public offering (IPO) raising £473 million (approximately $640 million), making it the exchange’s highest IPO in over a decade.

How does Trustpilot work?

Anyone with a Trustpilot account can leave a star rating for businesses where they’ve made a purchase or received service. The platform calculates a TrustScore, which ranges from 1 to 5, based on the individual ratings. A 5 denotes outstanding, whereas a 1 denotes a disappointing experience.

The TrustScore, on the other hand, isn’t just an average of all the company’s existing reviews. It is affected by the following three things: 

(1) Recent reviews are given more weight than older reviews. 

(2) The more regularly a company collects reviews, the more consistent their TrustScore will become. 

(3) Companies with few reviews are more likely to see huge variations in their score, according to the Bayes’ Theorem. Companies with few reviews are more likely to witness large swings in their score. To counterbalance this, Trustpilot offers seven ratings with a 3.5-star rating to help level the playing field. When the company receives additional reviews, the first 3.5-star ratings have less of an impact on TrustScore.

Moreover, customers can provide comments about their experience with the company, from the quality of its items to their order fulfillment or customer service experience.

AudienceGain reviews on Trustpilot

The name mistake

Referring to, customers often just search the above terms on Trustpilot without expecting that the results they find are completely different. 

Trustpilot currently only displays corporate reviews, the majority of which are unfavorable, but provides no information regarding

The majority of customers are only interested in the company’s name and ignore the domain suffix (.com or .net). When many customers believe and are the same company,’s complaints reflect’s unreliability. 

The disappearance of AudienceGain reviews on Trustpilot

Back when was still active on Trustpilot, their rating score was 4.7. Unfortunately, Trustpilot pulled down AudienceGainNet when they displayed Trustpilot’s trademark on their website without purchasing Trustpilot’s service.

People can’t find on Trustpilot right now. Because their website was taken down as being considered a violation, even when immediately took down Trademark within 48 hours. is rated as “BAD FIT” on Trustpilot.

Unsatisfactory consequences for AudienceGain reviews 

For those who have been active in the social services community for a long time, they can point out a big difference between these two companies. specializes in providing services on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, with the goal of helping customers develop long-term channels. While only focuses on selling services about Instagram.

The fact that is no longer reviewed on Trustpilot, and received a lot of negative feedback has caused a lot of discontent for However, the value that has provided to their customers much outweighs this drawback. We also need to know how to discern the essential variables when evaluating a company’s quality as informed consumers.

So, can we completely trust Trustpilot?

So the question is: should customers completely trust Trustpilot? 

In the case of AudienceGain reviews, the answer is: No, you shouldn’t. While Trustpilot is a platform that provides feedback from the users themselves, those are also one-way reviews. If you are a customer who is researching a company or looking for a certain service, you need to be alert when receiving these personal judgments.

From the AudienceGain reviews example, what can we learn?

The confusion between and resulted in an unwarranted mistake. is a trustworthy company, their service receives a lot of positive feedback from customers. But still has a reputation as a scam provider from’s customers. So there is a great lesson for customers: research carefully before deciding to buy a service from any site, even if there is a remarkable review on Trustpilot!

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