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Advantages and Disadvantages of Security Posts and Bollards

Security posts, parking posts, and bollards are used now in various fields for safety, security, management of traffic, and many other purposes. They are also made in various shapes, designs, styles, etc to fit different situations and requirements of different customers.

Bollards are not famous with this name and many people will not be able to tell you what bollards are if you ask them. However, they know the bollards physically or with the name of security posts or parking posts.


Bollards have been in use around us for a very long time. They were initially used on the seaports to dock the boats and ships. They were hefty weight and large in size at that time. However, with the evolution of technology, bollards also evolved and were made better and more effective.


Bollards are now available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and different materials as well. Many manufacturers also offer customized bollards to fit customers’ needs. For example, they can be made in different colors to match the surroundings and increase the aesthetic appeal of a specific area or building.


The main objective of bollards and security posts is to create hindrances and to help in traffic control and management. Bollards are places on roadsides to provide safety for pedestrians. They are also placed between lanes to prevent accidents and ensure traffic discipline.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Posts & Bollards



Bollards are a useful product for road safety and traffic management. However, there are some drawbacks related to bollards as well. The advantages and disadvantages of bollards and posts are listed below.



Advantages of Security Posts


1.     Ensure Pedestrian Safety


The first and foremost advantage of security posts and bollards are to provide for and ensure the safety of pedestrians. The parking posts are installed along roads to prevent accidents by creating hindrances and providing a visual barrier for drivers. They also restrict the pedestrians to stay on the footpaths and do not come onto the roads in an abrupt manner. This can lead to accidents and hazards. With the presence of bollards, not only pedestrians, but drivers also become cautious and drive or walk carefully while on the road.



2.     Security for Buildings, Malls, & Offices


Security bollards are mostly used outside buildings, malls, offices, etc in order to provide security. Some buildings have high-security concerns due to which they need some extra arrangements to ensure security. For example, some government offices or military buildings are more prone to terrorist attacks and need high-security arrangements. Heavy-weight bollards are installed outside such buildings to make sure that no terrorists could enter the premises.


Similarly, some malls with glass door fronts have high risks of vandalism. That is why the mall owners or store owners place heavy-duty bollards in order to prevent such incidents. Most robbers now come with vehicles. They break the glass door with the help of their vehicles, rob the place and leave in their vehicles. This practice saves their time and effort. However, the presence of bollards makes it impossible for the robbers to come with their vehicles.


3.      Eco-Friendly Option


PVC and plastic bollards are recyclable materials and hence they are not harmful to the environment. The environment is already deteriorating due to the harmful practices of humans. That is why it is the need of the hour that we should stop such practices that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, the eco-friendly material of bollards seems to be a great advantage for the environment.


4.      Cost-Effective Option


Bollards are an inexpensive option when compared with other security options like gates, etc. Moreover, they come in more variety and options at the same price. That is why they are considered to be a better option as compared to other alternatives available in the market.


5.      Decorative Purposes


Another benefit of bollards is that they can also be used for decorative purposes. They are often used in public parks and gardens. They are wooden bollards to match the scenery. Similarly, colored bollards are available to match the buildings or offices, etc.


Lighted bollards are another type of decorative bollard. They have lights charged with solar energy and they light up when needed to make a beautiful impact.


Disadvantages of Security Posts & Bollards


1.      Space Requirements


One of the major drawbacks of bollard installation is that they need proper space for installation. If there is less space then you cannot place bollards even if there is an immense need for bollards. That is why it is considered a drawback because even in case of a dire need for security or safety, you cannot place bollards if there is not enough space.


2.      Bollards can be Harmful to Foot Traffic


Sometimes bollards prove to be harmful to foot traffic. People sometimes walk on the sides without being cautious or careful and get bumped into the roadside security post. They can get seriously hurt because these bollards are made of heavy material. Similarly, people can fall off and get seriously hurt while trying to cross over or jump above the bollards.


3.      Bollards can Damage Cars


Sometimes bollards can prove to be very damaging. We know that bollards and security posts are placed on roads to reduce the impact of collisions. However, cars at high speed when colliding with heavy-weight bollards cause significant damage to cars and vehicles.


4.      Not Long Lasting

Another drawback related to plastic bollards is that they are not durable. They are made of lightweight plastic that can easily bend and break making them less stable.


Summing Up


Security posts, parking posts, or bollards are different names for the same product. All of these have proven to be very helpful and effective when it comes to road safety, security, traffic management, and control, etc. however, sometimes they do not prove to be useful only. They have their own drawbacks as well which are listed above for common understanding.


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