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8 Things to Expect from Middle East Film and Comic Con Events

The Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC) is a popular annual event that takes place in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Thousands of fans travel to the country to witness several featured events, from comics to anime, to gaming, to pop culture and so much more. MEFCC location this year is in Abu Dhabi. If you’re planning on attending, below are a few things you can expect to experience.

1. Meet the Stars. A favorite of the fans is the meet the stars It is where celebrity guests give opportunities to their fans to meet them, get their autographs, and take pictures with them. The celebrities can either be actors, artists, and comic creators, anime developers, and pop culture authors. Some of the celebrities that have appeared in past MEFCC events are Game of Thrones actors, The Walking Dead cast, Doctor Who actors, as well as creators from Marvel and DC Comics. If you’ve been wanting to meet your favorite TV or movie show actor or dying to meet your favorite anime developer, this might be your best chance.

2. This is another major attraction of the MEFCC event. Fans of all ages come and dress up as their favorite characters from comics or anime. They also participate in a cosplay competition where they can showcase their costumes and compete for prizes. There is a wide range of costumes to see, from simple handmade outfits to professionally made ones. There is also a cosplay workshop where participants can learn more about costume making and cosplay culture. If you’re into cosplays, this is a great opportunity for you to broaden your knowledge and skills.

3. Collectibles for sale. For those who have collectibles of their favorite anime or comic characters, this is the perfect place to find that unique or missing piece. The MEFCC has a wide range of vendors selling several collectibles and other merchandise. What can fans expect to find? There are action figures, anime books, comics, t-shirts, and a lot more. There are also artists who present their original artwork, and these are available for sale as well. Some publishers participate too to showcase their latest comics and graphic novels.

4. Creative Academy. In Creative Academy, there are several workshops to choose from, such as Comics, Short Film, Anime, Social Media, and Cosplay Crafting or Performance. In Comics Workshops, participants can learn how to draw popular characters like Spider-Man or Batman. International artists will help the participants learn or develop their skills. Short Film Workshops are for those interested in working on films. They can meet actors as well as directors and producers. Anime workshops are for those immersed in the Anime or Manga world. Social Media workshops are for those who want to improve their social media presence through better artworks or videos. And finally, Cosplay Crafting and Performance are for all the cosplayers out there wanting to improve their craft.

5. Gaming arena. A Comic Con event won’t be complete with a gaming zone. This zone is not just for gamers, it’s perfect for family and friends too, because they get to enjoy an action-packed event by simply watching their loved ones discover unreleased games. For the gaming aficionados, they can add a limited-edition merchandise to their collectibles.

6. Anime screening. If you’re into anime, this is one activity you shouldn’t miss. This is another popular activity at the MEFCC because it features a wide range of anime shows. There are classic series that everyone loves to keep repeating. There are also the latest releases that a lot of fans have been anticipating. Additionally, there are also anime-related panels and workshops, where fans can learn more about the history of anime and where it’s heading.

7. Festival Plaza. A popular event among attendees who love music, where a wide range of music is featured, from rock and metal to electronic and hip-hop. In this event, fans can watch their favorite local and international artists perform live. Dance entertainment is also popular in the plaza where people have fun dancing outdoors, plus they can expect giveaways too.

8. Cine Club. The Cine Club is where attendees can watch their favorite celebrities talk about movies. It also has immersive panel sessions, which can be fun for every attendee. This happens inside a theater so it’s very comfortable and ideal for those who’ve been walking around all day trying different activities. It’s not just a relaxing place, it’s also where attendees can get sneak peaks as well as exclusive film screenings.

For comics, anime, cosplay, gaming, and film fans, the MEFCC tickets are now on sale. Join workshops, meet your heroes in real life, meet fans who share the same interests with you, and level up your gaming experience and skills.

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