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All of the hotels on the above list are excellent choices, and former visitors have given each one an outstanding review.

The top 10 real estate markets in Utah have been released! Check out your potential new home location here!

Salt Lake City is a hot spot for moving. Discover the finest professional movers service you can use in SLC.

Salt Lake City is a lovely place to life. Discover the commercial and residential moving solutions if you plan to check SLC out.

Mysterious monoliths have appeared in random places around the world in late 2020. Here's one monolith that provided a sweet treat at a San Francisco park.

The phenomenon known as the Utah monolith has been appearing all over the globe, and now has popped up in California. We're guessing where it goes next.

In a story only 2020 could produce, a '2001: A Space Odyssey' like monolith appeared in Utah. Did a real UFO take it away?

Safety officers spotted a strange metal monolith in Utah. Could this weird object be proof UFOs are real?