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Take a look at all the stars and actors in general boycotting the 80th Venice Film Festival and see what's next with the strike!

There’s a reason to believe that 2022 may have been the last golden year for Hollywood in general. Let's see how true that is.

Take a look into the subversive and groundbreaking path through Hollywood being walked by Bo-Yu Chen!

The 2023 Oscars promise to be another special night for the movie industry.

Since the launch of Project Indie Hope in April 2020, over 100 films have been assisted to be shot and completed. How is Sundance involved?

As Michael Alig's autopsy report came in, rumors he finished filming a sequel to 'Party Monster' abounded. Discovered what the sequel could have covered.

As content goes online, storytelling via device screens could soon be considered a cinematic convention – one that reflects our own digital habits.

Gender equality has been a hot topic for women in film. Prominent male industry figures continue to get named and shamed for sexual misconduct.

Musician-turned-filmmaker Boots Riley is not sorry when it comes to stirring his audience. Having disrupted the music industry as the leader of the leftist Oakland hip-hop group The