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Uncover the shocking truth behind Theranos as Elizabeth Holmes faces her prison sentence - a captivating exposé on deception and downfall.

From a Silicon Valley leader to a fallen CEO facing over twenty years in jail, who exactly is Elizabeth Holmes? Here's why she's being charged with fraud.

Is it true that Elizabeth Holmes was trying to imitate Steve Jobs to gain investors for her fraudulent biotech company? See who Elizabeth Holmes really is.

Google employees who complain about racial and sexual harassment are told to take mental health leave. Is it crazy to want fair treatment?

Portland is putting a foot down when it comes to facial recognition technology. Here's how the city is taking action to restrict facial recognition apps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had some choice words for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Read all about the new Silicon Valley beef right here.

Facebook and Apple are going to war. This decade-long feud continues over Apple's new privacy update to prevent tracking. Whose side are you on?

Snapchat has released a diversity report about their current employees, and if you were looking for a job at Snapchat, you want to look at this.

Frustrated seeing blank women on TV who embody the same tired tropes? Here’s a ranking of nine of the worst female TV characters.