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Is Nigel Lythgoe headed to a messy courtroom now that Paula Abdul has filed a sex abuse lawsuit? Let's find out.

Now that the third batch of documents about Jeffery Epstein have been released, what is there to be found? Let's find out.

What in the world would a world renowned scientist like Stephen Hawking have to do with Epstein? Let's find out.

Is Al Gore still a rich and successful climate change guy despite the new list of documents linking him to Jeffrey Epstein?

Alan Dershowitz is in some hotter water than some of his clients, or is he? Here's what Epstein's new documents hold for him.

Is Leo Dicaprio in the clear after being so high up on Epstein's list? Let's see how many girlfriends he got from him.

Is Michael Jackson in some posthumous hot water for being linked to the Epstein list? Let's find out.

Diddy has lost a deal with Netflix and its all because he's been almost-outed as a rapist? Let's see what the papers say.

Did Jonah Hill have one too many shenanigans that have finally caught up with him? Look at what his exes have to say now!