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"Scoop" up some popcorn! Netflix's 2024 drama delves deep into a notorious interview, un-cloaking royal scandals with riveting realism. Don't miss the hottest dish of the year.

Crowning crime connoisseurs, Netflix is about to spill tea on Prince Andrew’s royal scandal. Will the Duke waltz his way out, or will this explosive docu-drama lead to

Unravel royal intrigue! Uncover whether Prince Charles had hidden sprigs with Camilla. Sip the scandalous tea, debunk the rumors, delve into a real-life period drama.

Harry's love life on the rocks, again? Brew a heady royal cuppa and unpick the tangled tale of the 'prince harry divorce' saga. Expect plot twists aplenty!

Immerse in the royal tea spill with our latest Prince Harry news. Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry accept unseemly gifts? Grab your biscuits and dive in with