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The world of late-night television and sports often collide, but rarely do they spark a feud quite like the one brewing between Jimmy Kimmel and Aaron Rodgers. What

Now that the third batch of documents about Jeffery Epstein have been released, what is there to be found? Let's find out.

What exactly is there to be found in the second batch of documents chronicling Jeffrey Epstein's slimy exploits? Lets' find out.

Is Bruce Willis in hot water despite his health issues, all because he has been found in the documents of Jeffrey Epstein? Let's see.

Is Kevin Spacey letting enough time pass before entering the spotlight again despite his own past and now new present with Epstein?

Is the creator of Star Wars creating a new monster of controversy in his latest appearance on Epstein's list?

What in the world would a world renowned scientist like Stephen Hawking have to do with Epstein? Let's find out.

Is Al Gore still a rich and successful climate change guy despite the new list of documents linking him to Jeffrey Epstein?

Alan Dershowitz is in some hotter water than some of his clients, or is he? Here's what Epstein's new documents hold for him.