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Can Allen Iverson resist the money lure and stay retired? Or, could he slam dunk speculation about his Allen Iverson net worth with a dazzling comeback?

Decoding the Lizzo lawsuit? Contemplate the bitter bass drop that may lead to Lizzo's retreat from your Spotify favorites. Is the legal dance why she's calling it quits?

Say 'bye-bye' to cancellation rumors. Put on your dancing shoes as 'Girls5eva' hits a high note, guaranteed a comeback for season 2. Sate your TV nostalgia now!

Cancel culture tried to break her stride, but "mia khalifa cancelled"? Not on her watch. Dive into the audacious comeback of this controversy queen, aflame with resilience and

Ready for the ultimate royal reality show? Decoding prince Andrew's journey back (or not) to royal duties. Cliffhangers have never felt so regal, nor scandals so embedded.

"Cancelled? Think again! Mia Khalifa transforms buzz of 'mia khalifa cancelled' into a sizzling comeback. Dive into her defiantly steamy shoots and witness the queen of controversy reign!"

Is Ben Affleck's star fading or just a bad streak? Explore the "Ben Affleck height" of fame and his latest faltering film ventures on the silver screen. Stay

Hit rewind on your "usher yeah" playlist as we dissect U.S. singer Usher's less than triumphant Super Bowl show. Was it a miss or a signal of evolution?

Brace yourself for the latest chapter in Britney Spears net worth saga: is Brit apologizing to JT a savvy cash comeback or another tabloid tale? Buckle up, this